Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Quiet Support For President Bush

Many people have believed and continue to believe that the polls, whether they be state polls or national polls, do not accurately reflect the true nature of the electorate in this election. This is the first Presidential election since 9/11. It is an election during war time and during a time that the nation is under the continued threat of a terrorist attack. President Bush has been steadfast in his leadership in the war on terror. He has stood frim against those who said Afghanistan would be a quagmire from which we would never emerge. Afghanistan less than two weeks ago held the first elections in 5,000 years. He has stood firm in Iraq, despite the same naysaying from the back benches that he heard about Afghanistan. He has re-organized the government to provide better homeland security and begun to re-organize the military to better meet the needs of the new war. In this election, the vast majority of people say that the war on terror is the number one issue over the economy, jobs, health care and a whole host of other domestic issues. People are concerned about the safety of their their family, and many have not forgotten the horror we endured on September 11th. In the days and months after 9/11 the feeling was that another attack on the country was inevitable, people were indeed waiting expectantly for the other shoe to drop. The terrorists too believed, based on the past responses by the US government that they would be able to strike again. What they did not count on was the resolve of the American President to take the fight to them. He did so with a fury, using all means at his disposal to kill or capture the terrorists and disrupt their funding and their deadly plans. The result of this determination, this resolve, is that over three years after 9/11 the second shoe has not dropped. We have not been attacked again. The terrorists that are not dead or captured are busy fighting for the life of their cause in Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia and dozens of other countries where they had lived without fear before this President took the fight to them.

Despite the Michael Moore fever swamp conspiracy theories so often repeated by John Kerry, John Edwards, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy and dozens of other "mainstream" Democrats, despite their hatred and their calls for others who have based the Democratic hopes in this election on an irrational hatred of George Bush to throw him out of office, despite the millions of dollars spent by 527 groups so fond of comparing the president to Hitler and pronouncing defeat in the war, despite all of that, average Americans on both sides of the political aisle know that there is but one choice to lead this country in the war on terror. The man that has led the war for three and a half years and who has prevented another attack on the homeleand. Many Democrats, when they are alone in the voting booth on November 2, will pull the lever for the President, even if they never tell their friends. This is the President's quiet support. Men and women from both sides of the political aisle who have not bought into the fever swamp conspiracy theories, who go about their lives trying to raise and support a family, to whom the safety of that family is the primary concern. These are the people that the pollsters cannot measure, who's voice will be heard only on election day.

It is this type of Bush supporter that Brendan Miniter writes about in today's Wall Street Journal: Bush's Stealth Supporters

In the Sunday Times Review a life long Democrat, who is supporting Bush has spoken out as to why she will vote for the President.

Let's hope that the millions like her will vote on election day.

(Both articles via RealClearPolitics)

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