Monday, October 04, 2004

Teresa Heinz Kerry: First Lady Of The Fever Swamp

The most incredible development of this campaign, and perhaps the development that will have the most lasting impact is the Democrats willingness to embrace the most radical, fringe, fever swamp, lunatic conspiracy theories and make them part of the mainstream Democratic platform. Teresa Heinz Kerry is the wife of the Democratic candidate for President. If John Kerry is elected, Teresa Heinz Kerry will be the first lady of the United States. It can be assumed that her views are also the views of her husband.

In a speech last night to the Westmoreland County, Pa Democrats, Teresa Heinz Kerry assailed the President's policies on Iraq. Jack Kelly of the Pittsburg Post Gazette covered the speech in an article today. Some highlights:

"On 9/12 every single newspaper in the world said 'We are all Americans.' Today it is not the case," she said.

By sending American troops to Iraq instead of to Afghanistan, Bush permitted Osama bin Laden to escape, Heinz Kerry said.

"Osama bin Laden is Osama been lost," she said.

"The Taliban is back running Afghanistan," Heinz Kerry said.

Iraq under Saddam Hussein was not a hotbed on terrorism, but it is now, she said.

"No American boy or girl should lose their lives for oil," she said.

Americans need to think of security in broader terms than bombs and terror, Heinz Kerry said. "Seldom do we think of security in terms of one's job, one's health care benefits, education," she said.

In a post last night I stated that although John Kerry states that he will do all he can to secure America, the question is how he defines security. Teresa Heinz Kerry provided an answer to that question. We need to think of security in "broader terms" according to Mrs. Kerry, we must think of security in term's of "one's job, one's health care benefits, education". Although "one's job" may provide financial security, it can do little to protect "one" from a devatating terrorist attack on an American city. And although a great education may help you sound polished in a debate, it can do little to disrupt terrorist cells plotting to kill Americans.

Mrs. Kerry also went on to claim that the Taliban are "back running Afghanistan". Really? Perhaps Mrs. Kerry has not heard, but elections are scheduled to be held in Afghanistan this Saturday. Perhaps she missed this article from the BBC that discusses the building boom in Kabul, and the fact that the economy of Afghanistan has grown by 30% the past year. Her comment is an irresponsible lie, and it must be assumed that her views are shared by her husband.

As irresponsible as those statements were, her assertion that American "boys and girls" are losing their lives for oil is a disgusting denigration of the sacrifice made by the miltary men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a complete embrace of of the Michael Moore, fever swamp, conspiracy theory, far left fringe. The Democrats have set aside any semblance of honorable disagreement for the most cynical of conspiracies. John Kerry has no policy on Iraq, except to cut and run at the first opportunity, so he is engaging is the lowest form of demagoguery. If you believe that Mrs Kerry was simply speaking out, as she is prone to do, and that her cynical comments are not really shared by Kerry, how do you explain this new Kerry campaign commercial titled "Powerful" which asserts that the Saudi Royal family is recieving "special favors" from the Bush Administration. What special favors Mr. Kerry? Can you please name one?

The fact of the matter is John Kerry has no core convictions, has spent a career fighting any action taken to make this country more secure and has run the most despicable presidential campaign in modern history. His wife's comments are not out of line for the Kerry Campaign, they are the soul of the campaign. John Kerry and his surrogates continue to denigrate our allies and the actions of out troops in an attempt to gather votes. Kerry's policies are naive and dangerous, and he cannot be trusted to protect the country in a time of war.