Thursday, October 07, 2004

Terrorists In Iraq Target US Schools

Schools in six US school districts have been warned of possible terrorist threats after it was found that terrorists in Iraq had downloaded the floor plans of specific schools.

Iraqi insurgents have downloaded the floor plan of specific schools in the United States? After the massacre in Beslan, it is obvious what the intent is. But what is not obvious is how a terrorists in Iraq qould carry out an attack on a school in America. It is extremely unlikely that a terrorist currently fighting in Iraq would be planning to travel to the United States to carry out an attack. Could this be terrorist brainstorming?

Whatever the case is, this makes it apparent that the web of terrorism cannot be neatly defined as John Kerry and the Democrats wish to define it. A secular Saddam Hussein would and did work with fanatic Islamists. A terrorist in Iraq that may have no direct connection to Al-queda can derive "inspiration" from an al-Queda led school massacre in Russia. That terrorist may be funded by an al-Queda offshoot or by a well known terrorist group like Hamas, or by a terror sponsoring state like Iran or Syria.

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