Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Tommy Franks: No Fan of John Kerry

Tommy Franks is a career military man. He led the United States to victory in Afghanistan and Iraq. He retired not long ago and wrote a book about his life. It is a fantastic read. After his retirement he came out publicly in support of the president. He has said he admires his leadership and his vision in fighting the war on terror. Gen. Franks spoke at a rally in Reno yesterday, and he made it clear which man he believes can lead the country to victory in the war:

Franks, former commander of forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, faulted Kerry's votes on major weapons systems and intelligence issues, and against the 1991 Gulf War.

"If his voting record ruled the day, Saddam Hussein would not only be running Iraq but Kuwait," Franks told about 200 people Sunday at a Reno rally.

"The choice is very, very clear. We need decisive, strong, no-backing-down and no-equivocating leadership," he said.

Franks praised the Democratic challenger's military service during the Vietnam War, but said Kerry's later anti-war activities upset him.

"The men I served with in Vietnam weren't war criminals and I'm proud I served with them," Franks said.

"I know a commander in chief when I see one and there's only one on the ballot," Franks said. "After September 11th, we were blessed to have a commander in chief who said enough is enough.

"There are two options: to fight them (terrorists) over there or to fight them over here. I'm an over-there-kind-of-guy,"

The Kerry campaign responded with what has become an all too common for occurence, they slandered Gen. Franks and resorted to using the word quagmire:

"He reads (Bush political aide) Karl Rove's talking points very well," Smith said. "John Kerry voted for the largest defense appropriation in American history and the largest intelligence appropriation in American history. No matter how many attacks they make on John Kerry, it won't obscure the fact that George Bush has gotten us into a quagmire in Iraq."

Apparently, uch like Prime Minister Allawi, General Franks is just a puppet of the Bush Administration, mindlessly reading lines he is given. I think General Franks would disagree with that characterization.

It is incredible that the team that wants to lead this nation in a time of war has declared Iraq a "quagmire", the "wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time", a "collosal error", a "grand diversion" and a "war for oil". Kerry has now stated that he believes there was a time when terrorism was "nuisance", like prostitution or illegal gambling. He has made several statements eluding to the pull out of US troops. He has declared that the war on terror should be limited to searching for Bin Laden in Afghanistan. He has called the war on terror a "law enforcement issue".

There is one issue in this campaign that must be the focus of voters in this election: the war on terror and the protection of the homeland. The fact of the matter is the economy is doing fine. The unemployment rate is less than it was when Bill Clinton ran for reelection in 1996, manufacturing is at a 30 year high, home ownership is at an all time high. The issue id the protection of the United states by victory on the war on terror. On this issue the candidates could not be more different. President Bush wants to continue to take the fight to the enemy, John Kerry wants to withdraw from all but the most narrow aspect of the war and return to a fanciful time when terrorism was just a "nuisance". The choice is clear, and the fate of the United States rests in the hands of the voters.

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