Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The United Nations Prepares the “Global Test”

After John Kerry stated in last Thursday’s debate that any action taken by the United States would have to pass a “global test”, the Washington Post has an article regarding the United Nation’s attempt to set parameters for the “legal use of force”. This is the real-world version of Kerry’s “global test”. Brent Scowcroft, the only American on the panel stated that he does not believe that the United Nations will rule out the use of a pre-emptive strike, but will instead set parameters for pre-emptive action.

Question: Under what circumstances would the United Nations approve a first strike by the United States if that first strike was to make America more secure? The answer is never. Saddam Hussein was in violation of 17 UN resolutions. He was violation of the peace agreement he signed after he was defeated in a UN sanctioned war. He continued to defy and deceive UN weapons inspectors to the very end. Yet the United Nations did not have the will to sanction the use of force required to remove him from power.

The masthead for this site is a quote from the famous Ronald Reagan speech which came to be known as “The Speech”:

"You and I Have the Courage To Say to Our Enemies, 'There is a Price We Will Not Pay'. There is a Point Beyond Which They Must Not Advance!"

If Saddam Hussein did not advance past the “point” that President Reagan was referring to then it is not possible for any leader or any country to do so. The fact is the United Nations would never grant the United States permission to take pre-emptive action against a country if the result of that action would be a direct benefit to the United States.

This is the test that John Kerry would subject the country to. It is as if Senator Kerry had the resolution the United nations is currently drafting in mind when he spoke of the “global test”.

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