Thursday, October 28, 2004

The UN/NY Times/John Kerry Fallout Begins

One sure thing that will come out of this election is the securing of John Kerry's bona fides as a critic of the US Military. His shameless attempt to exploit a lie about our military generated at the United Nations and trumpeted by the New York Times is just the latest time in which this man who wants to be Cammander In Chief has seen fit to question the competence of men and women still fighting in a war zone. We now know conclusively that the explosives were removed from Al-Qaqaa before the war started. The shameless part is that Mr. Kerry saw fit to question the competence of the soldiers before he knew all of the facts. He will do or say anything to be elected.

Ralph Peters has a article in today's New York Post that was obviously written before the revelation that the Russians helped the Iraqis move the explosives became public. Even without that information the assertion that teh 3rd Infantry Division or the 101st Airborne allowed a huge convoy of trucks to pillage the munitions dump and leave unseen was absurd. Peter's gives 12 reasons the story was ridiculous on it's face.

Dick Morris has also seen fit to comment on the Kerry decision o to embrace the unsubstantiated hit piece. He comes at it from a political angle, declaring it to be the Kerry Campaign "Final Fumble". It is important to note that Morris believes the story is the final nail in Kerry's coffin, and he to wrote his column before the Russian connection was revealed.

Hugh Hewitt posted a short piece on the story last night. Hugh declared it a disaster for Kerry as soon as Kerry made the NY Times story an issue. It became more disasteropus for Kerry when he filmed a commercial about it, looking straight into the camera, declaring the military incompetant. Wait!, you say. Kerry aimed his criticisms at the President not the military! Wrong. The 3rd ID and the 101st Airborne were given the task of securing the munitions, they did not find them. Kerry's condemnation is a condemnation of those who were supposed to find the explosives but did not. The troops were on the ground.

Powerline has a post this morning on the New York Times contnuation of the lie they started a week ago. It really is incredible that they would continue to push the story as if none of the facts that have come to light since Monday exist. They live in a parallel universe where the only "facts" that exist are the ones they write in their paper. Powerline notes that the story has blown up in thier face like an exploding cigar. True. But they have become so blinded and nerve damaged from the previous explosions that they haven't even noticed.

CBS, the network that was willing to destroy its credability to take down the President with fraudulent documents, may have caught a break with the NY Times running with the story first. They had planned to break the story next Sunday, two days before the election, now they will not. The question is, what lie will they replace the story with?

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