Wednesday, October 06, 2004

VP Debate Analysis

After allowing the debate to sink in, it becomes more and more obvious that Dick Cheney won the debate handily, In fact John Edwards was so obviously outclassed that the debate probably damaged the Kerry/Edwards ticket as a whole. Dick Cheney delivered devastating blow after devastating blow:

"If you can't stand up to Howard Dean, how can you stand up to Al Qaeda?"

"I never met you until we walked on stage tonight."

Both comments from which Edwards could not recover and could not answer. Cheney also revived the "global test" question, as did the moderator. John Edwards could not answer, which may be devastating for John Kerry because the Vice President was also able to draw attention to Kerry's thirty year record of appeasement. Cheney repeated more than once that "tough talk" in a 90 minute debate could not make up for a 30 year record.

However the issue of this election is Iraq and how it fits into the global war on terror. Americans walked away from the presidential debate last Thursday with the knowledge that there was a major difference between the two parties on Iraq. John Edwards cemented that last night with his repeated assertion that Saddam Hussein never attacked us. The American people now understand the difference between the tickets. The Bush Administration believes that the war on terror is a global war. They believe it must be fought on several fronts at the same time. We are fighting in Afghanistan and we are fighting in Iraq. We are also fighting in the Philippines. We may have special forces soldiers in many other places that the public is not aware of. The Bush Administration believes that Osama Bin Laden, although responsible for the attacks of 9/11 is but one of many targets that must be dealt with.

The Kerry/Edwards ticket believes that Osama Bin Laden is the war on terror, that his capture is the ultimate goal of the war, that all of our troops and resources should be used in his capture. Edwards said repeatedly that "Saddam Hussein did not attack us". The morning after the debate that response seems so high schoolish. It highlights the fact that the Kerry/Edwards ticket does not believe or understand that this is a global war.

That was the fundamental difference in the debate and that is the fundamental question of the election. If you believe that the war on terror is a global war that must be fought on many fronts then you should vote to re-elect President Bush. If you believe however, that the war on terror should be limited to to the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, then you should vote for Kerry. Nuances aside, Kerry believes that OBL is the be all and end all in the war and to that end he will take the first opportunity to remove our troops from Iraq, no matter the situation. He will redeploy some to Afghanistan, but most he will simply bring home.

That is what will be taken from this debate and that is what will be voted on in one month. The outcome will have a dramatic effect on the future of this country.

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