Sunday, October 31, 2004

Wingmen For Bush

At least 250 of the men who served with John Kerry have devoted the last few months of their life trying to inform the public that he is unfit to be Commander in Chief. From (they say) his actions while in Vietnam, to his very well known anti-American activities upon his return they have tried to warn the public that John Kerry does not have the character to lead the country. While the Bush Administration has never attacked Kerry's service record, (in fact President Bush has complimented Kerry's service on multiple occasions), the Kerry Campaign and the rest of the Democratic Party has attacked the President's service in the Texas Air National Guard. While the men who served with John Kerry are trying to warn the country about Kerry, President Bush's brothers in arms have come out for the President. They have a website called WingmenForBush. They have also issued a press release, condeming John Kerry's denigration of the President's service in the TANG during an interview on the Today Show:

John Kerry, your statement on national television, which implied that George W. Bush did not put his life on the line indicated that you simply don't know what it means to fly fighter aircraft. This has historically been the most dangerous assignment that any military officer could choose, and that danger exists in training for combat as well as in combat. Mr. Kerry, your comments disparage the National Guard and are a disgrace, especially in light of the current commitment of Guard troops to Iraqi Freedom. I flew with George W. Bush, and I can attest to his skill as a fighter pilot. All fighter pilots put our lives on the line every time we strap on a jet fighter. Bush stepped up and volunteered for this very risky service to his country in a time of crises.

This, you can be sure, will not make it to the mainstream media.

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