Tuesday, November 09, 2004

A Bad Case Of Values Strikes The World

As the Democrats continue to push the theory that President Bush was elected by Christian fundamentalists who have declared a "jihad" on the United States with their opposition to the redefinition of marriage and abortion, it seems that a severe case of values has broken out across the world. The debate over abortion has flared up again, not in Washington D.C., but in Australia where politicians are calling for a reduction in the number of abortions performed each year and for the legality of the procedure to be determined by each region, not the federal government. That sounds strangely like the American conservative position that calls for the number of abortions to be reduced and for each state to decide whether the procedure should be legal.

And the debate over the redefinition of marriage and the adoption of children by homosexuals has also become a hot topic, again not in Washington DC, but in Italy where the majority of people oppose redefining marriage and do not want children to be adopted by gay couples.

So apparently the "chimp-brained" President who is too stupid to lead and was put in power by radical "jihadists" in the United States has managed yet again to control a world wide conspiracy. This time he has convinced millions of people around the world that the conservative values of mainstream America need to be adopted.

Or, it could just be that some values- family, marriage, life- are universal, accepted by human beings around the globe with the apparent exceptions being the secular left in Europe and the Democratic Party of the United States.

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