Friday, November 19, 2004

Bin Laden Unable to Provide Command and Control

Bin Laden bin runnin'. It is a bad joke, but it appears to be very good news. The pursuit of Bin Laden by US special forces and thousands of troops from the Pakistani military seems to be effective. According to the deputy commander of Central Command, the lead terrorist has been forced into ev er more remote mountainous areas in an attempt to avoid capture, leaving him no ability to communicate other than courier:

"They are living in the remotest areas of the world without any communications — other than courier — with the outside world or their people and unable to orchestrate or provide command and control over a terrorist network," said Lt. Gen. Lance Smith (search), deputy commander of Central Command.

"They are basically on the run and unable to really conduct operations except, in the very long term, provide vision and guidance as Usama bin Laden does when he provides one of those tapes," he added, alluding to a bin Laden video tape released three weeks ago.

It may take weeks, months or years but Bin Laden will be caught. For now we will have to be satisfied that he is forced to live in a hole somewhere in the mountains.

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