Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Bush Miracle

God Bless America. President Bush has won re-election. He has won re-election in the face of disgraceful demogoguery and the most intense misinformation campaign in the modern political history of the United States, and probably in it's entire history. He has won a clear majority of the popular vote, the first time a presidential candidate has done that since 1988 and he has broken President Reagan's record for the most popular votes won in an election. He has been the rock of the Republican Party, and he led us to a resounding victory in this election.

The Republicans also picked up FOUR senate seats and FIVE house seats. The most exciting news from the Senate is that Tom Daschle is no more. The lead obstructionist is gone, having been defeated by John Thune, who will make a fine Senator for many, many years to come.

We have entered the age of the new media. Bloggers and talk radio made a difference in this campaign. The mainstream media was determined to defeat the President, and they tried their best. The new media filled the void and it's impact was larger than anyone could have imagined it would be.

Powerline, Instapundit and the thousands of other, smaller, blogs combined to make a huge impact in this election. Talk radio coninued to be a reliable outlet for information suppressed by the main stream media. Congratulations one and all.

A special thanks should be given to Hugh Hewitt, radio talk show host and blogger. Hugh was the rock during the stormy times and the glue that joined the forces of the bloggers and talk radio. He is a pioneer of the new media. He seemed to understand it's power better than anyone else, and during the darkest of hours he provided much needed optimism. Congratulations Hugh, and thank you.

If John Kerry has an ounce of grace, humility, or concern for the country he will concede very early this morning, allowing America to move on from the election of 2000 once and for all.

Congratulations America. Despite enormous adversity you have proven your mettle once again. You have accepted your role as teh worlds greatest power and the world's greatest force for good. We will continue to lead the way in the spread of liberty and democracy around the globe, and George W. Bush will be our Commander-in-Chief.

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