Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Election and the Implosion

The vitriol spewed by the left and the Democrats before the election has now erupted in frothing at the mouth hatred. There is a long parade of losers who believed before the election that they could bring down the president by selling and pushing hatred and lies. One reason the Democrats are so angry is that they realize that they threw everything they had at the president. Movies were made, concerts were given, rallies were thrown by hollywood superstars, celebrities made appeals on television, news anchors lied and distorted, reporters suppressed information and carefully guarded against allowing any good news to escape from Iraq, opinion writers tried their best to convince Americans that the President was stupid, evil, bumbling, inept, incapable, and countless other adjectives that they attempted to paint him with. Anchors were complicit in ridiculous fraudulent stories. They all banded together in 527 groups and raised and spent hundreds of millions of dollars on get out the vote efforts, television advertisements, newspaper ads etc. The attempt to manipulate the public was so deep that even pollsters jumped in the act to try to make the reelection of the President seem impossible. James Zogby of the Zogby poll called the race a full seven months before the election for John Kerry. His polls leading up to the election were consistently skewed to reflect his prediction.

To the leftist elites it seemed impossible that the American people could reelect the man they convinced themselves was an evil moron. How could America ignore the words of Michael Moore? How could they ignore the deep political understanding of the Dixie Chicks? George Soros, the currency speculator and proponent of legalized drugs had given speeches and thirty million dollars to defeat the President. On November 2, the stage was set for the combined forces of the elites to drive the man they so hated from office and for the job of rewriting history to begin. The day of the election the hatred that had turned to corruption in news agencies and polling places and the Democratic party continued. Early in the afternoon on election day, the results of the first round of exit polls were released, and they showed that John Kerry was on his way to a landslide victory, boosted by record voter turnout. Democrats and their sycophants in the press were absolutely giddy, believing that the story that had written was about to come true. News anchors could barely contain their glee with the news that at that early point in the day the election seemed all but over. The word of the exit polls spread quickly across the internet, and by mid afternoon the feeling of defeatism was palpable on the conservative blogs. It was being said that states that were thought to be easy wins for the president were in play, even in the South and that the Senate was in play. But then came word that the exit polls were skewed to include 60% percent women and that the numbers might not be reliable. By the time the first real poll numbers came in it provided some ray of hope that the initial exit polls may have indeed been misleading. As the networks came on air for their election coverage, it seemed that the race may not be over. But the anchors persisted in their palpable happiness. They felt they were simply counting down the hours until they would have the privilege of calling the race for John Kerry. Then the state totals began to appear. George Bush was doing better than he had in 2000 in the states first to report. The news anchors, although surprised were not worried at this point. The first states to report were expected to go to Bush. But others that we were told were close showed the President pulling away. The anchors balked. How could this be? The exit polls showed the opposite result. They refused to call states like Virginia when it was obvious that they had gone for the President. Soon after the glee on the face of the anchors began to disappear. John Kerry was not going to walk away with the race. What had happened? But they did not give up. They were sure that even though the President had a substantial lead in Florida with well over 90% of all precincts reporting, that John Kerry would mount a comeback. The Kerry Campaign released statements and flooded the airwaves with talking heads reassuring the public that the precincts yet to report would heavily favor Kerry. But soon it was all too obvious that the lead the President had built on Florida could not be overcome. The networks made the call. All eyes turned to Ohio where the Democrats had focused all of their efforts. Stars, musicians, 527 ads and a massive ground game to get voters to the polls had assured the Democrats that they would take the state form the president, thereby denying him his second term. Precinct after precinct reported in and the President built a two to three point lead. The night wore on and state after state fell to the President to the point where it was obvious that if John Kerry did not win Ohio, the race was over. Therefore the networks refused to call the state. The night wore on, more precincts reported, the President's lead remained steady, and still their was no call. At 1:00 AM when the anchors were completely deflated by the prospects of a Kerry win, John Edward's came to the stage in Boston to assure the crowd that every vote would be counted and that they would not give up the fight.

By the morning it was obvious that Kerry's fleet of attorneys would be able to do nothing to overcome the President's lead and Kerry conceded.

The Democrats have now turned on themselves and on the Republicans, lashing out against all of the morons in the red states that were fooled into following the President. It is not a mandate!, they yelled.

Wrong. Now there is serious talk of wanting to secede. The left believes that it lost because the ignorant intolerant masses went to the polls to oppress gays. That is what they have drawn form the election. They cannot consider that they may be out of the mainstream, no, they still simply believe that they are superior and that they were simply outnumbered by the ignorant masses. We should hope that they continue to think this way. if they do, they will be relegated to minority status for decades.

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