Thursday, November 11, 2004

Former US President and Current Moral Imbecile Eulogizes Arafat

Former President Jimmy Carter has emerged since his presidency to be one of the most foolish men in the world, and certainly the most foolish and naïve man to ever occupy the White House. His regular statements on foreign policy are always inane and have become increasingly anti-American as the years have gone by. In an earlier post I stated that the reaction of world leaders to Arafat’s death, a man who ordered the deaths of thousands of innocents and was the first terrorist to target Americans, is a window into their soul. It is true of Jimmy Carter as well. He released a statement through the Carter Center. An excerpt:

MIAMI (AFP) - Former US President Jimmy Carter called Yasser Arafat "a powerful human symbol and forceful advocate" who united Palestinians in their pursuit of a homeland.

"Yasser Arafat's death marks the end of an era and will no doubt be painfully felt by Palestinians throughout the Middle East and elsewhere in the world," Carter said.
"He was the father of the modern Palestinian nationalist movement. A powerful human symbol and forceful advocate, Palestinians united behind him in their pursuit of a homeland," he said in a statement distributed by his Atlanta, Georgia-based Carter Center.
He said that while Arafat provided "indispensable leadership to a revolutionary movement" and played a key role in forging a peace agreement with Israel in 1993, he was excluded from negotiations in recent years.
"My hope is that an emerging Palestinian leadership can benefit from Arafat's experiences, be welcomed to the peace process by (Israeli) Prime Minister (Ariel) Sharon and (US) President (George W.) Bush, and be successful in helping to forge a Palestinian state living in harmony with their Israeli neighbors," Carter said.
Both Carter and Arafat are Nobel peace prize laureates.

It says so much about Carter and even more about the Nobel foundation.

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