Thursday, November 18, 2004

Iran Attempting To Build Nuclear Missiles

Colin Powell has stated that he has seen intelligence that Iran is attempting to build missiles that could be armed with a nuclear warhead. Of course they are, this should not be a surprise to anyone, nor should it be a surprise to anyone when they announce completion of a nuclear weapon, despite any agreement they may have currently signed on to.

Iran is developing nuclear weapons and only the most naive diplomat in the United Nations (or the US State Department) will believe that they will honor any agreement that wuld actually effect their ability to do so. We can be sure that if Iran allows inspectors into known enrichment sites they have a) already completed at least one weapon, or b) they have at least one or more secret sites in which they can work unimpeded, even while UN inspectors are in the country.

Who has the most to fear from an Iran armed with a nuclear missile? Israel of course. It is doubtful that they could reach America's shores, but it would be fairly easy for Iran to strike Israel. America has to fear a nuclear weapon detonated by a terrorist group, or a missile fired from a regime with a more advanced delivery system, like North Korea, but it is Israel that would take the brunt of any attack from Iran.

The UN and the European countries currently dealing with Iran will dither on and on, and meanwhile the Mullah's will speed along with their own little Manhattan Project, building away while the world engages in diplomacy for diplomacy's sake.

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