Friday, November 12, 2004

More Liberal "Word Rage"

Prior to the election there were dozens of stories about violence directed at supporters of President Bush. Multiple Bush/Cheney campaign headquarters had shots fired through their windows, others were burglarized and vandalized. Nearly two dozen headquarters were “stormed” by Kerry supporters while campaign volunteers were present, which resulted in several minor injuries to elderly volunteers. All of this was above and beyond the normal campaign mischief like stealing yards signs.

The violence has not subsided since the election, if anything it has gotten worse. The Democratic party seems to have gone off the rails with the reelection of President Bush, and the hatred that was only three years ago relegated to the fringe of each party has now become mainstream in the Democratic party and the media elite.

The hatred of the President, which has now evolved into hatred of Republicans, began with the Florida election fiasco in 2000. Although Al Gore was the first to file a lawsuit, and although all subsequent recounts proved President Bush o be the winner, Democrats pushed the lie that the President stole the election or was “selected not elected”. The hatred stemming from the Florida recount was briefly interrupted by the grief of September 11th. For several weeks, the nation was united and even those who had voted against the president seemed to rally to his side after his fantastic show of leadership in the days after the attack. However, the feelings of good will quickly subsided. by the time the President made the decision to go into Afghanistan the hatred had made a comeback. The media began using the word “quagmire” a full two weeks before the invasion. the conspiracy theorists on the left questioned whether or not eh President knew about or even participated in the attack, paving the way for the invasion of Afghanistan and a pipeline that would somehow profit he and Dick Cheney. Antiwar groups, sometimes funded and organized by communist groups, used inflated numbers of civilian casualties to breed more hatred among those opposed to the invasion, and predisposed to hating President Bush.

By the time the discussion about Iraq rolled around, Bush hatred was at full tilt, and it was many times fanned by leaders of the Democratic Party. Millions took to the street to protest, claiming it was either a war for oil, a war for Israel (it’s the Jews!!), a war for Halliburton, a war for revenge for the President’s father and countless other ridiculous, inane ideas. The press immediately framed the war against Vietnam, using the phrase quagmire over and over no matter the situation on the ground. More inflated civilian casualty numbers and worst of all, no weapons of mass destruction. During the build up to the war the level of hateful rhetoric deemed acceptable gradually increased. Gradually the rhetoric that had previously been relegated to the fringe of the Democratic Party crept into the mainstream. Howard Dean suggested in an interview that it was possible that the President knew about 9/11 before it happened. Then in stepped Michael Moore with his propaganda film Fahrenheit 9/11. The movie, which made $100 million at the box office essentially made it okay for people, including politicians, to accuse the President and his administration of the worst possible crimes. Many leading Democrats attended the premier. Portions of the movie made it into Kerry stump speeches. The Democrats use of the Halliburton conspiracy to flame hatred for the President and the vice president became so common that it wasn’t deemed newsworthy. Al Gore spoke of “digital brownshirts”, George Soros openly compared the administration to the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler. Ted Kennedy claimed the war was “cooked up” in Texas for political gain, he also regularly accused the President of lying to the American people. John Kerry, too, called the President a liar. He claimed in the debates that he had never actually used that word, but he had, a total of three times at that point in the campaign. The Democrats and their supporters on the left screamed that the administration was trampling on the constitution with the Patriot act. By the time the DNC rolled around, the lies were so prevalent and the party so out of control, that Michael Moore was given the honor of sitting in the Presidential suite with former President Jimmy Carter.

It should not surprise anyone that a certain percentage of a population, when convinced by the leaders of their party that the President and his administration sent young men and women to die to line their pockets, intentionally targeted civilians, lied to go to war, trampled the constitution, planned to reinstate the draft, do away with social security and overtime pay, suppress the black vote etc... will turn to violence, and that is exactly what has happened.

Since the election the rage that was directed at the President has been turned to all of his supporters. The naive, redneck, bible thumping redstaters who voted to put the President back in office now provoke the same fear and loathing from Democrats that was reserved for the President. The Democrats are raging. They are raging with acts of physical violence, with threats and with words. All the usual suspects have participated in the “word rage” including Maureen Dowd, Paul Krugman and EJ Dionne, but the volume of hatred and fear coming from the other side is almost unbelievable. From Garrison Keillor suggesting that the right to vote should be taken away from Christians (if it was supposed to be funny, it wasn’t), to serious democrats talking about seceding, to the New York Times printing an article about assassination to the disgusting Bill Maher running a thread on his website on the question of whether or not it is ethical to shoot Republicans. Part of that particular thread included the hopes of a reader that the all the members of the US military fighting in Iraq be beheaded because the military overwhelmingly supported the President.

The hatred seems to be reaching a crescendo, and their is a real fear among some that the hatred will manifest itself in more violence. Many believe at this point that it will be a miracle if no one loses their life.

The question is how did we get to this point? I would like to submit that there was no one defining moment that brought all of the hatred to the surface. It was incremental. Little by little all sense of propriety and decency were thrown out the window by the Democratic Party and members of the mainstream media in an attempt to bring down a president. No lie was too big or conspiracy theory to insane at the end of the campaign. The Democrats and the media were willing to incite hatred based on fear. A percentage of the population is now willing to act on that hatred. Had the Democrats turned away from the Michael Moores of their party, had John Kerry not opted to include conspiracy theories in every campaign speech. Had Ted Kennedy had the decency to not call the President a liar, had the party in anyway rebuked it’s fringe and not embraced it, much of the violence we have seen could have been avoided. Now we can only hope that tempers will settle and that the worst we will see is liberal “word rage

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