Sunday, November 21, 2004

More on the President's Aiding of the Secret Service

For those who don't know, President Bush inserted himself into the middle of a pushing and shoving match between one of his Secret Service agents and Chilean security who had refused to allow the SS agent to accompany the President into a banquet room. The President essentially pushed through a crowd, reached over the fighting security men, grabbed the Secret Service agent by the collar and pulled him from the fight and resolved the issue.

Read last night's post and see pictures here.

The incident happened too late last evening for many of the big papers to carry a story, but the Washington Times does have a piece that provides details of the incident and background information on what led to the scuffle. The story leaves you with the impression that the Chilean security staff is not accostomed to dealing with the security that surrounds the President of the United States.

Moral of the story for the Chileans: Don't Mess With Texas.

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