Wednesday, November 17, 2004

NBC Complicity In American Deaths?

Hugh Hewitt is asking very tough questions (justifiably so) about NBC and their role in the war on terror, after one of their reporters, Kevin Sites, released a videotape to the world that showed a Marine killing an Iraqi. By now almost everyone has seen the video, but what the media has not, and will not, give you is the context of the incident. If you would like to know what really happened, read this.

The fact of the matter is that regardles of the intent of the reporter, his and NBC's negligence in releasing the video in a way that it could be used by Al-Jazeera and other arab media outlets to incite jihad is reckless and irresponsible, and will inevitably make fighting the war on terror more difficult.

This is what we should expect to see from today's media. They do not consider themselves o be on America's side in this war. How many times has Mr. Sites released pictures or videos of the many schools, hospitals, roads, etc... that the US military has built? How many pictures of Iraqis being aided by the Marines has Mr. Sites released? How many photos has Mr. Sites released showing the savage brutality of the terrorists? Did Mr. Sites bother to give timeline of events that lead to the Marine shooting the Iraqi? Has Mr. Sites seen or photographed dead and wounded terrorist bodies wired with explosives in order to kill Marines who try to aid them? Dis Mr. Sites tape or photograph the terrorists firing at Marines form the very mosque that the now famous videotape was filmed?

Even if Mr. Sites had photographed any of teh aforementioned items, it is unlikely that he would release the photographs, and if he did release them, it is certain that they would not be played on an endless loop by Al-Jazeera or NBC or any of the other networks who's primary goal it is to make the US military under the control of President Bush look as bad as possible. NBC knew full well that the video would be picked up by Arab media outlets, and they also knew full well the effect such a video, delivered without context or in a way to make the Marine look like a murderer, would have on the famous "Arab street" they are so fond of talking about. They knew, yet they chose to make the film public. Had the network or the reporter had the best interests of either the US military of the United States as a whole in mind they would have given the tape to the marines and let them take whatever action is necessary.

Don Rumsfeld should order that all embedded reporters be removed from Iraq. They have abused the trust of the US military and of the American people. NBC should apologize to the marines, to the public and most of all to the Marine that they have labeled a war criminal.

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