Saturday, November 13, 2004

North Korea Eases On Nuclear Demands

After the reelection of President Bush, North Korea has announced that it is willing to return to six party talks, and that there is the opportunity to solve the nuclear stand off through negotiation, if the United States is willing to allow the communist regime to exist. Read: Kim Jong Il, leader of North Korea, and the bizarre little man that went into hiding after the US invaded Iraq, is scared to death. He is willing to give up his weapons as long as he has some guarantee that he will not end up in a spider hole before having his head checked for lice on international television.

The United States will reschedule the six party talks that were canceled by North Korea last September, as they decided to bide their time in hopes that John Kerry would be elected. John Kerry had promised to hold bilateral talks, which would have been to the advantage of North Korea. It was through bilateral talks with the United States that North Korea was able to negotiate the disastrous agreement with the Clinton administration in 1994. North Korea began cheating on that agreement before Madeleine Albright finished drinking champagne with Kim Jong Il. North Korea admitted in the fall of 2001 that they had developed nuclear weapons. The Bush administration understood that all countries in Northeast Asia should take part in negotiations with the country and refused to participate in bilateral talks of any sort.

With the reelection of President Bush, North Korea realizes that the United States is serious about defeating the "Axis of Evil", and that is what Kim Jong Il fears most. They had hoped that the American people would rebuke the President, and that a much friendlier Democratic Administration would again be in the white house, thus ensuring the survival of their regime for four more years. Now, Kim Jong Il has reason to doubt that he will be in power in four years if he doesn't negotiate, within the framework of the six party talks, with the United States.

The reelection of President Bush continues to reverberate with our enemies. They know they have a determined foe that means what he says. The leaders of North Korea fear George Bush, and it is that fear that may lead to a breakthrough in the negotiations.

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