Saturday, November 27, 2004

"Ode To the Left Be-Heinz"

As posted at Observations:

When polls were closed,
We all supposed
It couldn't be much closer!
Now Libs are torn,
And Soros is moroser!

The votes were cast,
And now at last
The counting could begin.
Monsieur LaMoore
Was very sure
His flick would do George in.

But now instead,
The states are Red,
And Hollywood is Blue.
Ben Affleck's mad,
Sarandon's sad,
And Whoopi's come unglued!

Begala whines,
The Left Be-Heinz,
"The Boss" just wonders..."HOW!?"
James Carville pouts,
O'Donnell shouts...
No time to Ketchup now!

The Kerry Crowd
Was brash and loud;
The cool and hip were pumped!
In Franken-Land
They took their stand...
"War Hero" John's been dumped.

Lord, what a mess!
Dan Rather wears a frown.
He's quite distressed...
Some say depressed.
Poor Dan,
He's goin' down.

There's "Hardball" Chris,
Who loved to kiss
The rear of liberal guests...
Convention night
Ol' Zell was right...
To that we may attest.

It's sinkin' in...
Oh my! They're all in shock!
"Ohio's RED!"
John Kerry's Dead!"
"By George! We've been out-Foxed!"

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