Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Secession or Assassination?

Anyone who has monitored the Democrats reaction to their overwhelming loss November 2nd has undoubtedly seen or heard the breathless, end of the world hysterics coming from that side. There have been several serious (presumably) articles written about the possibility of the blue states seceding from the red states. With this idea the Democratic Party has gone full circle, returning to its roots. This is the Party that bears responsibility for the first secession that of course led to the civil war. To the proponents of secession, the thought of living in the same country as a majority that has religious faith is simply unbearable. The idea of secession is not limited to fringe rags, it has gotten enough steam to be noticed by mainstream newspapers like the Washington Times (notice that the blue staters circulate a map that shows the blue states as the "United States of Canada" and the red states as "Jesusland". The idea has also been put forth by Lawrence O'Donnell, democratic operative and paid TV commentator who stated on MSNBC that the blue states should seriously consider removing themselves from the union over the next 20 years. Not to be outdone, however, is Garrison Keillor, who during his Prairie Home Companion monologue had this to say (thanks to Powerline):

We're over it. We've moved on. We're just fine. The election was days ago. Days ago. Much has happened since then. We've practically forgotten about it here [laughter] in our rush to enter into new activities, new frontiers, new projects. I am now the chairman of a national campaign to pass a constitutional amendment to take the right to vote away from born-again Christians. [enthusiastic audience applause] Just a little project of mine. My feeling is that born-again people are citizens of heaven, that is where there citizenship is, [laughter] is in heaven, it's not here among us in America. If you feel that war in the Middle East is simply prophecy fulfilled, if you believe that tribulation and suffering are just the natural conditions of life, if you believe that higher education is vanity, unnecessary, there is only one book that one need to read, if you feel that unemployment is -[glitch]- dependent on him and drawn you closer to him. [laughter] If you feel -[glitch]- lousy healthcare is a portal to paradise, [applause] then you don't really share our same interests, do you? No, you do not.

So there it is. Unfortunately I feel that these are the real sentiments of many on the left, that Christians should not have the right to vote. Yes it sounds insane, but the world has seen this type of thing before. I secession is not an option, or if it simply takes too long for the left to achieve, the New York Times has put forth a second solution, assassination. That's right, the Old Grey Lady, "America's paper of record", the New York Times ran an article on November 8th by Dean Murphy. In the article Mr. Murphy writes of the assassination of Lincoln and McKinley as the type of event that reshaped American politics when one party seemed to be down and out. He ends his column this way:

Professor Wilentz of Princeton said that even if the 2004 victory was an incremental one, that should not comfort the Democrats. He said Mr. Rove and Mr. Bush now have a chance to do what Hanna and McKinley never did: Lay the foundation for lasting Republican dominance.

"The Republicans are basically unchecked," Professor Wilentz said. "There is no check in the federal government and no check in the world. They have an unfettered playing field."

Until the next act of God, that is.

Upon reading the entire article, there is no way to interpret the closing paragraphs other than the author and the professor feel that the best thing that could happen for the Democratic Party and the country would be the assassination of the President. I challenge anyone to read the article and come to any other conclusion.

Tony Blankley, a DC pundit who always seems to keep a cool head when others around him are in hysterics, has observed the meltdown of the Democrats and has written an op-ed in today's Washing Times that assesses the seriousness of the situation and what it says about the Democrats. An excerpt:

It's not that the Democrats lost an election, obviously both parties have lost numerous elections. But never before in my memory — which goes back faintly to 1956 — has either party in its loss reacted with such venomous contempt for the American people.
When we conservatives got shellacked in 1964 — with Barry Goldwater losing 61percent to 39 percent to Lyndon Johnson — we knew we had a lot of work ahead if we were going to educate the public to our views. But I can honestly say that, although I remember thinking that the public was misguided in its judgment, I never hated or felt contemptuous of the majority electorate — of my fellow countrymen.
This dominant sentiment of the Democratic Party elite — that scores of millions of Americans are categorically unacceptable as fellow countrymen — is evidence of a cancer in the soul of that party. These Democrats, quite expressly, are asserting that "Christers," people who believe in the teachings of Jesus as described in the inerrant words of the Bible, are un-American, almost sub-human. Some of these Democrats would rather secede than stay in the same country with such people. If they were in the majority with no need to secede, what would they do? Their bigoted and absolutist view of religious people is at least a second cousin to the Nazi view of the Jews.
In Europe, the few remaining people of faith have recently taken to calling the increasingly more adamant European secularist majority "secular fundamentalists." While that phrase is unfair to the perfectly respectable fundamentalist religious sentiment, it shows how much more harsh and filled with fear the religious/secular divide is becoming.

Yep. The Democratic Party, at least most of its leaders, who hold influence over the masses are indeed infected with a cancer, a very dangerous cancer. The open talk of secession and assassination is not normal. The hatred that they feel toward people of faith is irrational. Mr. Blankley asks an appropriate question: If they feel this strongly toward Christians what would they do if they were the majority?

The Democratic Party needs to be torn down to the ground and rebuilt, purging the current leadership (all of them) and rebuilt in the mold of the original party. Until then, they will hopefully maintain permanent minority status.

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