Friday, November 19, 2004

Terrorists Trying To Ignite Ethnic War

The terrorists in Iraq are trying ignite an ethnic war by attacking the Kurds. They have intensified attacks on Kurds recently and at least one Kurd is thought to have been beheaded in Mosul:

"They are trying to ignite the flames of sedition between Arabs and Kurds," Khasro Gouran, Mosul's Kurdish deputy provincial governor, said by telephone from Mosul. "They want the Kurds to react and the peshmerga to come in (from outside Mosul) so there would be sectarian strife in the city."

"They won't succeed because the Kurdish leadership is aware of their plans," Gov. Duraid Kashmoula, an Arab, said of the insurgents.

The Kurds are not the only ones under attack. During the latest bout of violence, masked men have stormed police stations, looting and burning some. They've also set up their own checkpoints and set cars ablaze, prompting the Americans to launch military operations to oust fighters from their stronghold in the city.

The enemy we face is terrified of the thought that Iraq will hold free and fair elections in January. They will do eveything they can to prevent it from happening, including trying to start anethnic or civil war in Iraq. Luckily to this point, the forces in the country that want a free and fair election seem to be stronger than then the forces of evil. The Kurds understand the stakes and will not be lured into a conflict. They should be praised for their restraint.

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