Tuesday, November 09, 2004

A Third Post Election Myth

It is interesting that as time passes from the election the Democrats, still struggling to cope with their loss, keep inventing reasons that George W. Bush won. One reason, many have said, is that the huge get out the vote efforts that focused on young people failed to produce. Wrong. P. Diddy, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and the rest of the Democratic spokesmen did a great job of turning out first time, uneducated voters for Kerry. In fact if it weren't for them, the Kerry loss would have been even larger. It is true that the targeted age group of 18-24 only turned out 2% more first time voters than last election, but across the board the Democrats were able to turn out voters who either hadn't voted in a long time or who had never voted. Apparently many of these voters got their entire understanding of the positions of the candidates from P. Diddy or Oprah Winfrey.

The Democrats have tried say that the President's victory was due to a high turn out of evangelical voters opposed to gay marriage. They do this in order to try to make the victory less significant or legitimate. The fact is the Presient had broad support across the spectrum of voters. No matter the age group, religion, ethnicity or state, the President increased his base of support. He increased the number of votes cast for him by 7 million over the last election. That my friends, is not just due to turn out by evangelicals. His support among Jews, blacks, gays, Hispanics and women increased. He increased his vote totals in 46 of 50 states. The fact is Michael Moore's agenda of hatred, that preyed upon naive, uneducated voters who are prone to believing conspiracy theories, helped Kerry keep it respectable. If it weren't for him Kerry would have been facing a Mondale type loss.

The President won campaigning on very specific policy ideas. He campaigned on continuing an agressive war on terror, on tax cuts, on overhauling social security and the tax code, on a faith based initiative. His agenda was clear, it was bold and it was more popular than the hate spewed by the left. His victory was wide and deep, increasing majorities in both houses and increasing the number of governorships. The Democrats can moan about a lack of mandate all they want, but the voters chose a specific man and his specific policies to lead this country. There is no second place in the run for the Presidency. they do not hand out consloation prizes to those who voted for the loser, especially when that loser represents a party that has lost significant amounts of power election after election.

The President's victory was based on the strength of his ideas and the force of his character. H won a mandate, he earned political capitol, and the American people expect him to use it.

Two articles from today's paper expound on this point to some degree. The first is by Mark Steyn in the London Telegraph and teh second is by John Podhoretz in the the New York Post.

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