Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Tumor In The Democratic Party

In today's Rocky Mountain News, Francis Maier eloquently describes the tumor that has grown inside the Democratic Party and that left "32 state crater" in the last election. In his op-ed, Maier, who is the chancellor of the Archdiocese of Denver, focuses on abortion as the main culural problem for the party:

We can't build a just society while killing a million unborn children a year. No matter how much good we try to do, we can't outrun the effects of that most intimate form of violence against women and children.

Not so long ago, leading Democrats understood this. Robert P. Casey, governor of Pennsylvania from 1987 to 1995, embodied the deepest ideals of the Democratic Party: pro-worker; pro-minority; pro-economic and social justice; and also thoroughly pro-life, from conception to natural death. In arguing for the rights of the unborn child, he worried that the Democratic Party was becoming "little more than an auxiliary" of the abortion industry.

For his candor, the Clinton machine publicly humiliated him at the 1992 Democratic Convention. Other prominent "Catholic" Democrats - including fellow governor and media darling Mario Cuomo - looked the other way.

While it is true that the abortion issue is the cultural issue that began the decline of the Democratic Party in the United States, the cancer in the Party has been allowed to spread to other vital parts. If the abortion issue s the primary problem for the Democrats, they have, in the past few years, heaped other problems on top of it. The party is simply becoming more and more raical in it's worldview, and louder and louder in defending a platform that fewer and fewer people agree with. There would have been a time when the Democratic Party would have been able to see the corruption at the United Nations and the futility in repeatedly asking that body for permission to remove a dictator in violation of 17 of its resolutions and who our government deemed a threat. There was a time when fringe conspiracy theorists like Michael Moore would have been shunned by the Democratic Party, now however, the party honors him at their convention and several of the themes from his propaganda film actually appeared in stump speeches for the Democratic nominee for President. There was a time when a northeast liberal who voted for sending the troops to war but voted against funding them would have been castigated by mainstream Democrats for his hypocrisy, not held up as the torch bearer of the party. There was a time when leaders of the Democratic Party would have, out a sense of propriety and respect for the office of President if not for the man holding the position, never called the president a liar on the floor of the Senate. There was a time when, if elected members of their party had flown to meet with a brutal dictator and enemy of the United States just before an American invasion, Democrats would have demanded that those elecgted members of their party be sanctioned, at the very least. There was a time when members of the Democratic Party would never have thought about imposing what amounts to a religious litmus test for judges nominated by the President. There was a time when no one needed to try to defend the institution of marriage before the Democratic Party. There was a time when the Democratic Party fought for the little guy and fought for traditional values, now that party represents the elite on each coast who wish to dictate what Americans values should be, based on their world view. There was a time when all of this was true, but that time has passed.

The tumor that began as the willingness of the Democratic Party to sacrifice the unborn for votes has pread to all parts of the party, it is malignant, and it has spread to far in the party to be removed.

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