Tuesday, November 16, 2004

War at the CIA

On the earlier post on A Time for Choosing, Porter Goss's intent to "clean house" at the CIA was discussed, though pnly a few stories had been written about it in the press at the time. Today there is suddenly a glut of stories, and most of them are quite in favor of Mr. Goss removing long time political bureaucrats from that organization, with brass kbuckles if necessary.

In The Weekly Standard, Stephen Hayes writes that the CIA is intent on fighting back, and appears to have done so with a series of leaks to particualr individuals in the media. These "journalists" are more than happy to write one sided article that make the administration look like the bad guys.

Michael Ledeen also weighs in on the issue in the USA Today, and he does not disguise his feelings aboput those who he says are "whining and leaking" as they leave.

The Rocky Mountain News also offers a terse evaluation of the bureaucracy and the need for reform. They cling to the fact that Senator John McCain has stated that the CIA is a "rogue bureaucracy" and "dysfunctional". Perhaps, but the fact of the matter is that if John McCain were to tell a member of the press that the sky was falling they would report it as fact.

Lastly, Investors Business Daily chimes in with a longer editorial that also supports widespread changes at the Agency.

The Central Intelligence Agency has the job of using human (as well as other types) intelligence to foresee problems and take care of them before they have the opportunity to become a threat to the United States. There are thousands of men and women working in the agency who take their kob very seriously and know the stakes of the war we are in. If there are senior employees who, over the course of decades in he same job, have allowed the politics of Washington DC to cloud their ability to perform their job, then they should leave, or if need be, forced out. The CIA is an elite organization, but it is important to remember that its employees are human and have the same weaknesses as anyone else. The difference is that the stakes of the game at the CIA are so much higher. There are no doubt many people at the top of the agency that have become jaded over the years. If so they should step aside for the good of the agency and the good of the country and allow a new generation of young, fresh energized professionals bring the agency back to the greatness it once had.

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