Monday, November 22, 2004

Was It an Assassination Attempt?

For those of you who did not watch the news this weekend, President Bush, while on a visit to Chile, had to step into a Fracas to seperate his lead Secret Service agent fro Chilaen security who were refusing to allow him to stay with the President. President Bush turned when he heard the disturbance, went back, pushed into the crowd and pulled the SS agent out of the scuffle by the collar. The agent was then allowed to enter the banquet hall with the President. (Read more and see photos here) The next day a huge banquet was cancelled because the Chilaen security would not agree to have all guests pass through a metal detector before entering the dinner. The Secret Service considered this an unnacceptable risk, and the dinner was cancelled.

The Chilaen security team intentionally closed ranks behind the President in an attempt to seperate him from his security detail. They knew the men the cut-off were SS agents, so why would they attempt to seperate them from the President? My thoughts and the thopughts of several people I told about the ioncident immediately went to an assassination attempt. An attempt that was foiled when the President retrieved his agent.

Powerline has a regular emailer to their site that seems to agree that this was a very serious incident, and the fact that the official state dinner was cancelled the next day seems to underscore the fact that the SS considered it a serious situation. A full investigation should take place. these are dangerous times, and the Presdient is hated by tens of thousands including terrorist groups that operate in South America. Every precaution must be taken to protect him and every security service must comply with the SS agents demands.

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