Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Who Will Replace Ashcroft?

John Ashcroft has resigned his post as Attorney General. He was the most villiified member of the President's cabinet. After September 11th, he became the target of relentless villification by those who said he was "trampling" on the Constitution. But let's not forget that he was hated before September 11th. In fact, the hatred for John Ashcroft began at his confirmation hearings and the hatred stemmed from one fact: he is religious. For the left in this country their is no more grievace character flaw. John Ashcroft is a good man who served in one of the most important positions on the war on terror. He did his job, he prevented another attack in this country, something no one would have thought possible on September 12th. For that we owe him our eternal gratitude.

Who will replace him as Attorney General? The decision will be announced tomorrow. There is speculation on the internet that it could be Larry Thompson, Ashcrofts former deputy. Other names have been tossed out, Rudy Guiliani, Mark Racicot for example. Suffice it to say, we will have to wait to find out. Let's just hope whoever it is they prosecute the war as effectively and relentlessly as John Ashcroft.

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