Monday, November 15, 2004

Why France is Not an Ally

Jacques Chirac is not a friend or ally of the United States. His statements quoted in this Times of London article are incredible. His arrogance is sickening, and if any leader in teh world is an impediment to "healing" any trans-Atlantic wounds, it is Jacques Chirac. His stated goal is not cooperatin with the United States, but the creation of a European superpower to rival the United States. The only way to capture the flavor of Chiracs statements is to excerpt an extensive part of the Times article:

M Chirac, speaking to British journalists, including The Times, soon after General Powell’s announcement, revealed that he had urged Mr Blair to demand the relaunch of the Middle East peace process in return for backing the war.

“Well, Britain gave its support but I did not see anything in return. I’m not sure it is in the nature of our American friends at the moment to return favours systematically.”

In other remarks that will sting the Bush Administration, he again outlined his vision of a “multipolar” world in which a united Europe would be equal with the US, and mocked Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary, for his division of Europe into old and new.

M Chirac said that there would be no division between Britain and France.

“It is like that nice guy in America — what’s his name again? — who spoke about ‘old Europe’. It has no sense. It’s a lack of culture to imagine that. Imagining that there can be division between the British and French vision of Europe is as absurd as imagining that we are building Europe against the United States.”

He continued:

M Chirac, whose visit to Britain concludes the Entente Cordiale anniversary celebrations, said: “I am not sure, with America as it is these days, that it would be easy for someone, even the British, to be an honest broker.”

Yes, we stupid, uncultured Americans who did not have the couth to make backdoor deals with a brutal dictator who routinley tortured women and children. We stupid, uncultured Americans who are so uncivilized that we cannot see the value in naming our streets after one of fathers of modern terror. We stupid, uncultured Americans who believe that Eastern European countries who suffered under decades of oppressive, communist regimes have shown a greater understanding of the need to remove brutal dictators and spread liberty than the mighty French, who have created a socialist utopia with the knowledge that they can count on the blood of American men to dig them out of any hole, no matter how deep.

The French government under Jacques Chirac is simply not an ally of the United States nor of any peoples struggling under brutal dictatorship and wanting freedom and liberty. The French are an ally of France, and of any country in Old Europe tht will bend to their will. President Bush has no reason to reach out to Jacques Chirac. France is currently making its own bed with its arrogance, and it should be allowed to lie in that bed when the time comes.

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