Wednesday, November 17, 2004

WMD Found In Fallujah?

This photo:

is from the USA Today slideshow of the battle of Fallujah. The photo shows 40 vials of suspected Sarin Gas, A WMD, found in a briefcae in Fallujah.

WIll this break through to the mainstream media? Probably not. They would much rather continue to try to denigrate the US military and hurt the war on terror by repeatedly showing a video, with no context, of a Marine shooting a terrorist. The fact that the terrorist may very well be funded by money grafted by Saddam Hussein, with the knowledge of the international body that was supposed to have Saddam "boxed in" does not seem to be of interest to Katie Couric, Dan Rather, the New York Times, Chris Matthews or any of the other media elite who still don't seem to be sure if we or the terrorists constitute the bad guys in this war.


The readers of Powerline have concluded that the picture is of a kit to test for chemical agents, not actually Sarin.