Friday, December 17, 2004

The Blogosphere Slides the Way of the Mainstream Media

The blogosphere seems to be traveling to the same irrelevancy as the mainstream media at a record pace. The left side of the blogosphere had always been extreme and ridiculous. The sanest among the lefties, Joshua Micah Marshall, is as susceptible to believing and promoting conspiracies as any one of the thousands of Michael Moore’s fans. But it is now the conservative bloggers who are the cause of the quick demise of the blogosphere influence. Conservative stalwarts such as Hugh Hewitt and the guys at Powerline need to do the blogosphere a favor and go on vacation for about three months. Hugh has unfortunately been pushing a boycott of Target due to their refusal to allow the Salvation Army to post bell ringers in front of their stores. Powerline now takes every opportunity to post, “I told you so’s”, and “ I said it first” posts. The blogosphere is falling prey to the same affliction that beset mainstream media and turned it into tragedy TV - the blogosphere is producing too many words in an effort to produce post after post. Words that had power and influence before the election now carry as much weight as a nightly newscast by Dan Rather because the flow of words never stops and every movement by the President or his cabinet results in breathless posting. When network or cable news and the blogosphere are both producing millions of words on a daily basis does it matter who is telling the truth? No. It all sounds the same. And true to Republican form, most of the posts are critical of the President. No group of people is better at destroying themselves over petty disagreements than Republicans. And no form of media is better at broadcasting the, “I am a more pure conservative than you” mentality than the blogosphere.

The blogosphere began as a medium for everyday citizens to voice their opinions and thoughts about any given subject. Bloggers who spend much of their day railing against the mainstream media are always more than happy to accept an invitation from that same media to appear on TV, in newspapers or magazines. I have a simple question for conservative bloggers. If the mainstream media is as irrelevant as you claim, why do you jump at every appearance and promote the appearances on your blog? The media attention changed the blogosphere for the worse. Very good blogs, run by men and women who work all day, everyday have been drown out by an elite few, to the detriment of all. How long until there are “professional bloggers”?

So what was once a voice for the common man is turning into just another media outlet dominated by an elite few, and words that once carried weight are turning into just more static in the world of media.

What is my advice to the conservative blogosphere? Stop taking yourself so seriously , take time off, and at least enjoy the Republican victory on November 2 for a couple of months before you begin to tear down its majority. The world does not need to hear your thoughts on every bit of news. Stand up, turn the computer off and go live life. I made over 1,000 posts in the months leading up to the election and I owe it to myself, my readers and the blogosphere in general to walk away for a period of weeks or months. There is more to life than a computer screen, and no matter how many times you have appeared on the mainstream media you so loathe, there are people out there with opinions more interesting than yours.

See you in the new year.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Reporter Set Rumsfeld Up

This is why the mainstream media is one of the least trusted institutions on the country. They are less interested in reporting the news than they are in making the news. Nothing reported through the filter of the mainstream media should be believed on it's surface.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Living In 1984

We have arrived in the year 1984. Good is bad, bad is good. Those who topple dictators and free millions are called criminals and tyrants while the dictators are defended as “non-threatening”. The international organizations charged with overseeing supposedly life saving programs let the civilians they are to protect languish and die in order to line their own pockets, and are defended by the press and the world, while those who uncover their crimes are derided for their “McCarthyite” tactics. Welcome to the world of the elite media, the Democrats, and the international community. Welcome to Orwell's 1984.

Welcome, also, to another reason to distrust John McCain. John McCain has one interest at heart, the promotion of John McCain. Republicans should be wary of the good Senator from Arizona.

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George Will: A Stain On the Game

I assume that George Will has commented before on the steroid scandal in Major League Baseball, but my self imposed news blackout most likely kept me from hearing what he said. This morning however, he has a column on the issue in the Washington Post. He states:

To understand the damage that the steroids scandal is doing to baseball, consider this: Probably sometime late in the 2005 season or early in the next one, Barry Bonds, who already has 703 career home runs, will begin a game with 754, one short of Henry Aaron's record. Would you cross the street to see Bonds hit number 755?

Bonds, 40, is intelligent and severely aware of his body. When, a year ago, Bonds's lawyer said his client might have "unknowingly" used steroids, Bonds and the gaudy numbers his dramatically transformed body has generated since he turned 35 became, strictly speaking, incredible.

Baseball is something I know a thing or two about. I was fortunate enough to play the game for a great deal of my life, to a very high level. I am a fan of the game, but I am as much a fan of the history of the game as I am a fan of current teams or players. With baseball it is possible to make almost direct comparisons between players from the past and current players with the lifeblood of the sport, statistics. The rich fabric of stats that make up the sport have been part of the game from the beginning. It is true that now, in tha age of tv channels dedicated only to sports, every concieveable stat for every sport has been created and is used to fill the countless broadcast hors. However, baseball statistics have been the constant that has held the game together through the centuries. Today's players have destroyed that continuity, and Barry Bonds in particular is guilty of a crime far greater than using illegal steroids, he has caused great damage to the game, but more importantly to it's statistical history. It is for that reason that he and any other player who admits or is found guilty of using steroids should recieve a lifetime ban from the game, and all records of that player, from the time it is determined that he began using steroids, should be purged from the record books.

Harsh? No, necessary for the game to retain it's integrity. In Bond's case, George Will indicates in his column that his physical change began occuring five years ago. If this is true all records from that point until now should be removed from the sports archive's and Barry Bonds should never play again. Why is it fair to compare the record of Barry Bonds, who achieved some of his greatest accomplishments in the sport in the past five years with the help of illegal steroids, with the record of Hank Aaron, who's achievements were the result of talent and discipline alone? How does the statistical lineage remain valid when a group of players achieve great feats by cheating? Barry Bonds and the rest have cheated. They have cheated their fellow players, they have cheated the fans and they have cheated the history of the game itself.

Baseball has handed out harsh punishments before, when the integrity of the game was more important than a TV contract with a network. Is it likely that MLB will do what ios necessary to protect the game? No. Unfortuneatly Barry Bonds will likely take the field next year and the years after after paying a fine, and his records will stand as though they are as legitimate as the Babe's or Aaron's or any other player who came by his records honestly. Baseball is stained, the record books are stained and the leadership and the union are more interested in thier pocketbooks than the game.

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Friday, December 03, 2004

The Missing Al-QaQaa Weapons

Remember the missing munitions from the Al-Qaqaa weapons dump that the press put on the front page of every newspaper and led every tv broadcast with as theri last assualt on the President before the election? The same weapons that have not been spoken of a single time by members of the press since November 3rd? We may now have an explanantion of where the weapons went, and the source of the story can by no means be considered a right wing rag. The story comes from The Independent:

As American forces closed in on Baghdad last year, senior members of Saddam Hussein's government devised a plan to send suicide bombers in vehicles packed with devastating high-energy explosives that were under UN safeguards.

The disappearance of the explosive, known as HMX (high melting explosives), in mysterious circumstances at the end of the war caused a few nasty moments for President George Bush's presidential election campaign last month.

A letter to Saddam from Dr Naji Sabri, the Iraqi Foreign Minister, five days before the fall of Baghdad, suggests taking the HMX from underground bunkers, where it had been kept under seal by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and giving it to suicide bombers.

He wrote: "It is possible to increase the explosive power of the suicide-driven cars by using the highly explosive material [HMX] which is sealed by the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] and stored in the warehouses of the Military Industry Departments."

The Iraqi regime took credit for several suicide bombs towards the end of the war. After the fall of Saddam, one of the worst attacks - which killed 22 UN workers and the special envoy, Sergio Vieira de Mello, in August 2003 - had an explosive force that could only have come from military grade explosives.

The disappearance of 350 tons of explosives, including 191 tons of HMX, at the time of the war in April last year became a crucial issue in the last weeks of the US presidential election campaign. John Kerry portrayed the failure to secure the explosives, which could have been used to kill US soldiers, as a symbol of Mr Bush's incompetence in Iraq.

It now appears that senior officials in the Iraqi government were discussing the removal of the HMX before the fall of Saddam. The letter from Dr Sabri, obtained by The Independent, was sent on 4 April 2003 as US tanks were advancing on Baghdad. It said that the world was getting the impression that Iraqi civilians were co-operating with American soldiers.

So the military and the administration were right that the weapons were not there, and the press was wrong. Gee, the story wasn't a set up by the media as a last ditch effort to topple the president was it? No, couldn't have been.

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Groningen Protocol, Part II

We have come to the point in society where a committee can decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die. Some will say that this is another slide down a “slippery slope”, but that is a bit misleading. The change that allows the creation of The Groningen Protocol in the Netherlands is very incremental. So slow at times that it is imperceptible, but it is pervasive and it can be seen in this country as well. It is a natural progression of the policies of the secular left who constantly push moral boundaries so that each step makes the one before it pale in comparison. It is a progression that slowly eats at the soul of a country and at civilization itself. Compared to the “termination” of children up to twelve years old, the abortion of a two month old fetus seems benign, thus the question of abortion slowly becomes well antiquated, for lack of a better word... Those on the pro-life side are now forced to fight to get back to the point where society permits only partial birth abortion, considering the ending of the practice put forth by a Groningen Protocol a victory.

The left is using this tactic in other aspects of society as well; an example is its war against religion. The elimination of prayer in school has slowly given way to the fight to keep “Under God” in the pledge or “In God We Trust” on our currency. Cities are now banning the words “Merry Christmas” from being posted on any government buildings, and many have banned Christmas trees altogether. The ACLU sues city after city, forcing them to remove any religious symbol, no matter its historical significance, from city seals, emblems etc… The fight to keep prayer in school has given way to the fight to keep the religious heritage of this country alive at all in the public sphere.

What is the next step? Is it impossible to believe that the next “Protocol” will outline who among the elderly can be terminated by a committee? It is the next logical step. Will the committee seek out elderly they deem to be too inconvenient to be sustained by the state? Is it at all absurd to ponder this possibility given the current situation in the Netherlands?

Many bloggers have dubbed The Groningen Protocol as being Hitlarian, and they are correct to do so. The secular left is slowly degrading the sanctity of human life. We have now reached a point where the termination of human beings by committee is a reality. What is the next step? Can those who oppose this degradation fight this new front and convince the rest of the world that life itself has a value? With each slide down the slope the argument becomes more and more difficult.

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The Groningen Protocol

For those of you who have not heard, death by committee has arrived in the Netherlands via the "Groningen Protocol". I became aware of this story via a screaming red headline on the Drudge Report two days ago. The Netherlands, one of the only countries in the world to legalize euthanasia, has now decided to allow the killing of children who are deemed unworthy of life due to any number of various illnesses or deformities.

The decision it seems, is made by a committee of medical professionals. If this committee deems the child to be suffering, then they have the ability to end it's life. The protocol is to be used primarily on infants, but covers any child to the age of 12. It is also important to note that the parents role in the decision is very limited, their opinion is considered but the doctors make the final decision.

The story seems like a bad horror movie, but it is true, and the killing has already begun in the Netherlands. The debate is being tied into the overall debate about adult euthanasia, but the killing of children who are incapable of deciding for themselves is far different than even the controversial practice of assisted suicide of consenting adults.

This was the next logical step in the evolution of abortion. When a society is willing to abort a perfectly healthy and viable child at 8.5 months, it is not a leap to assume that any child deemed unworthy of life after birth would be subject to termination. This is, in fact the argument of Peter Singer, a radical Australian "ethicist". He has argued for years that parents should be allowed to "terminate" the life of a child legally until a certain age after birth. This nightmare has become reality in the Netherlands, and it will surely be practiced by other European countries soon, if it isn't already. How long until the abortion lobby in the United States picks up this argument?

To this point the main stream media has ignored the story, as has much of the blogoshpere I am sad to report. As Drudge is read by millions of people each day, including the major players in network news, it can be assumed that the media is fully aware of this story, but has decided not to cover it. Why they have decided not to cover the story is open to speculation.

Mark D. Roberts has some very useful links on the topic on his blog, and Hugh Hewitt has discussed the protocol on his radio show and has blogged about it on his site. This is a story that all conservative bloggers who believe in the sanctity of life should make known to as many people as possible. Normally the blogoshere is ahead of the curve, but there is an obvious reluctance to talk about this issue. Are we too wrapped up in holiday cheer to involve ourselves in one of the most important issues of our time?

I will update this story as I gather more information, so check back for updates.


A second post here.

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Mark Rich Involved in Oil For Food Scandal

Yes, that's right. The same Mark Rich that Bill Clinton pardoned in his last hours in the White House became a middleman in the oil for food scandal only one month after his pardon. Bill and Hillary were never forced to explain his pardon, and now it is more obvious than ever that it was a mistake.

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Kofi Must Go

Senator Norm Coleman is leading the Senate investigation into the UN Oil for Food scandal. His discoveries have led him to write an op-ed in the New York Times calling for the ouster of Kofi Annan, the Secretary General. Read it here.

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Apologies for Slow Posting

I have only been lightly blogging the past few days , well really the past two weeks. After the election I needed a break, so instead of stopping completely I have decided to "cut back" until after the new year. So unless there is huge news, expect light blogging until then. Thanks!!

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