Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Groningen Protocol, Part II

We have come to the point in society where a committee can decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die. Some will say that this is another slide down a “slippery slope”, but that is a bit misleading. The change that allows the creation of The Groningen Protocol in the Netherlands is very incremental. So slow at times that it is imperceptible, but it is pervasive and it can be seen in this country as well. It is a natural progression of the policies of the secular left who constantly push moral boundaries so that each step makes the one before it pale in comparison. It is a progression that slowly eats at the soul of a country and at civilization itself. Compared to the “termination” of children up to twelve years old, the abortion of a two month old fetus seems benign, thus the question of abortion slowly becomes well antiquated, for lack of a better word... Those on the pro-life side are now forced to fight to get back to the point where society permits only partial birth abortion, considering the ending of the practice put forth by a Groningen Protocol a victory.

The left is using this tactic in other aspects of society as well; an example is its war against religion. The elimination of prayer in school has slowly given way to the fight to keep “Under God” in the pledge or “In God We Trust” on our currency. Cities are now banning the words “Merry Christmas” from being posted on any government buildings, and many have banned Christmas trees altogether. The ACLU sues city after city, forcing them to remove any religious symbol, no matter its historical significance, from city seals, emblems etc… The fight to keep prayer in school has given way to the fight to keep the religious heritage of this country alive at all in the public sphere.

What is the next step? Is it impossible to believe that the next “Protocol” will outline who among the elderly can be terminated by a committee? It is the next logical step. Will the committee seek out elderly they deem to be too inconvenient to be sustained by the state? Is it at all absurd to ponder this possibility given the current situation in the Netherlands?

Many bloggers have dubbed The Groningen Protocol as being Hitlarian, and they are correct to do so. The secular left is slowly degrading the sanctity of human life. We have now reached a point where the termination of human beings by committee is a reality. What is the next step? Can those who oppose this degradation fight this new front and convince the rest of the world that life itself has a value? With each slide down the slope the argument becomes more and more difficult.

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