Friday, January 21, 2005

Back From (a much needed) Vacation

A couple of weeks after the election I went into a self-imposed news and blogging blackout, and I encouraged fellow bloggers to do the same. The lead up to the election was long and it was taxing. It was a rewarding experience for the blogosphere, as the power and influence grew at a faster rate than many thought possible. In fact by the end several bloggers had more or less become absorbed into the mainstream media by their willingness to accept any and all invitations to appear on TV. Fair enough, to each his own. Many bloggers burst on to the scene in the days leading up to the election and many of those blogs have since permanently shut their digital doors. There were times when I thought I might do the same, but after my hiatus I am ready to go again.

I will encourage all bloggers who did not take time off to do so. Not just for your personal life, but for the sake of the quality of your blogging as well. Step away, freshen up, get some new perspectives and come on back. I promise it will feel good.

What have I done the past weeks? Read, skied, worked on hobbies, worked hard at work, enjoyed the holidays, visited my family, watched movies, etc… And I enjoyed all of it all the more because I DID NOT know what Barbara Boxer had said on any given day. In fact I am amazed at how the headlines today are almost exactly the same as they were seven weeks ago when I shut down (Tsunami aside). In fact the past seven weeks have been so relaxing and have allowed for such clarity of mind that they may have set me on the path to a new career. More on that some other time.

So now I begin anew. The next election is a little under two years away, so this blog will have a slightly different format than it did pre-election. It will still be 80% politics, but 20% of posts will be about things completely unrelated. Skiing, hiking, art, cigars and even model railroading are possibilities. (hey if a good portion of the blogosphere can have “Friday night cat blogging” and keep their audience, someone out there will be interested in model railroading).

So check back early and often for a fearless conservatives views on politics and current events.

Happy reading!

Be sure to check the current posts for updates.