Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Maureen Dowd: Pathetic Demogogue

From the Belgravia Dispatch. Maureen Dowd has been fisked, again. Her column in today's NYT so distorts the interview that Vice Predisdent Cheney gave to Don Imus that it is difficult to imagine that they are the same.

I suppose if Maureen Dowd chose not to lie, it would be difficult for her to compose any of her ridiculous anti-Bush rants. If she allowed any of the administration's comments to be printed without serious distortion, her readers may actually begin to see how reasonable the administration actually is. But Maureen Dowd occupies a world where a speech about the human desire for freedom is "incendiary".

Maureen Dowd will occupty the same ash heap of dicredited demogogues pretending to be journalists as will Dan Rather.

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