Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sunday Night Model Railroad Blogging

Originally uploaded by Marlin Huston.

Others have Friday night cat blogging, I am now introducing Sunday night model railroad blogging. Model railroading has been called the World's Greatest Hobby, and well it might just be. It encompasses woodworking, wiring, modeling, research etc... For those of you not familiar with model railroading a brief introduction. Model railroads come in a variety of scales. HO scale is the most popular scale followed by the much smaller N scale which is at 1:160 ratio, and is the scale I model.

Living in an apartment does not lend itself to a large model railroad, so at this point I am limited to building parts of a future 50's era metropolis and planning on paper. In other words I am one of the millions of "armchair modelers" in this country.

This is one of my first building models and is a cafe with apartments above. The cafe is named Anna Mae's after my grandmother, who ran a restaurant many years ago. The Hershey's kiss was provided for scale. Total modeling time from start to finish was probably around 15 hours.