Friday, January 28, 2005

Voting Fevor Takes Hold In Iraq

Yes there will be violence aimed at those going to the polls in Sunday's election, and it can be assured that terrorists will attempt a spectacualr act of terror in an attempt to invalidate the election. However, I believe that the election on Sunday will be more successful than most people think possible. I also believe that no matter how successful the elections actually are, the mainstream media in this country and around the world will attempt to portray it is a miserable failure, as "not legitimate", as they attempted to do with the election in Afghanistan for the first 48 hours after the votes were cast there. Once it was discovered that the claims of fraud weren't true, they dropped the story like a hot potatoe: best to act as if the first elections in that country in centuries had not taken place than to give the Bush Administration any credit.

If, God forbid, the terrorists manage to disrupt the election in a significant way then the elections will be rescheduled. Eventually man's desire to be free will overcome those who have declared war on democracy.

The Times of London is reporting that the people are eager and excited to vote, that they feel as though they are finally entering a new era. When they have their first to taste of self-determination they will understand all the more the damage that Zarqawi and his associates wreak, and that the terrorists will return them back to the bondage they were subjected to before the American invasion.

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