Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Model Railroad Blogging!

Originally uploaded by Marlin Huston.

According to my new blogging schedule, this post was supposed to take place last week. However, I was out of town so Tuesday morning will have to do! This is a scratch-built shotgun house so commonly seen in the South. It is a basswood model with a corrugated metal porch roof. I cannot remember how long it took to build this model but it was several hours including the time to paint and weather. This is the first of several shotgun houses that I will build. A "shotgun" house is called such because of the floorplan. The interior is a series of rooms with no hallway, so you could stand in the front door and fire a shotgun out the back door, hence "shotgun" house. If there are any model railroaders out there interested in purchasing a scratchbuilt "shotgun" house, send me an email. I am also excited to have recieved the new Downtown Deco mailer. Downtown Deco is owned by Randy Pepprock. He makes high quality hydrocal models in most scales. If you are not familiar with Downtown Deco, visit their website. Most of their models are run in limited quantities and sell out rather quickly.