Friday, February 11, 2005

Radioblogger Goes Skiing!

Radioblogger aka Generalissimo from the Hugh Hewitt Show, will be involved in an endurance challenge of sorts today, and it should make for good radio. Apparently Generalissimo will take on a ski instructor to see how many runs each can do in a three hour period. The catch is the Generalissimo has only skied once in his life and will be on the bunny hill for the length of the race. His opponent, who is apparently a skilled skier, will be on a black diamond.

As a person who only learned to ski three years ago, but has now skied enough to feel quite comfortable on most blacks I feel qualified to comment on this race. Generalissimo is in for a long, long, long day. Two of the most tiring things about skiing are trying to turn at a slow speed and getting up after you have fallen and it is a certainty that Generalissimo will be doing plenty of both.

I have listened to the Hugh Hewitt show for a long time and have been audience to other challenges involving Generalissimo, but I think Hugh might have set this up for his own sick enjoyment. If Hugh is well enough to sit up at a microphone today, he will be enjoying himself while Generalissimo rolls around on the ground like a helpless slug. By the end of the three hours, if Generalissimo hasn't blown both ACL's, he will most likely be too tired to get off the snow. A sled may be in order at the end of his show. As for his opponent, well he will have what will amount to a normal ski day, piece of cake. If Generalissimo really wants to win he will have to hire a team of Hell's Angels on skis tasked with preventing his opponent from making it down the hill, or he will have to sabotage his opponents equipment (hint to Generalissimo: think bindings!)

The worst part of this for Generalissimo is that this will be the challenge that keeps on giving. He will be tired today, but just wait until the day after tomorrow, when years worth of bottled up lactic acid has poured into his thighs and muscles he didn't know he had are so sore that movement of any kind is painful.

All I can say Generalissimo is:"Bbeen there, done that", and I am glad I am not you today.

Hugh you are cruel, cruel.

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Good luck Generalissimo you will need it, and whatever you do make sure you do not... Oh sorry Generalissimo, I have to go!

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