Monday, February 21, 2005

Syria To Pull Troops From Lebanon

It seems to me that the fact that Syria has announced that it will "soon" take steps to remove tens of thousands of it's troops from Lebanon after 16 plus years of occupation deserves a little more attention than it has gotten thus far. Perhaps the "old media" and the blogosphere is being cautious, as Syria has yet to detail exactly what it plans to do. Since the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, Lebanese have pured into the streets by the thousands to protest the Syrian occupation. They feel that Syria and the pro-Syrian Lebanese government was behind the assassination. It is interesting that this is starting to feel like the Ukranian revolution of just a few months ago, when the people forced a new election after the Russian backed candidate won in an obviously rigged election, over the pro-West candidate. The Lebonese people are demanding that the pro-Syrian government resign. I assume that means that they want an election. This story, which has been developing for the past week has taken a very interesting turn and is worth watching. If we begin to see the Lebanese demanding free and fair elections it will be earth shattering, and it will have to be credited to the free and fair elections that just took place in Iraq. Freedom is it seems, truly on the march.

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