Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm Back

Computer and hosting problems are taking a toll, but hopefully all is well now.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

End Of The Line For Terry Schiavo

Terry Schiavo will die by starvation and dehydration...

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Iraqi Citizens Defeat Terrorists

Let's hope we see more of this...

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Schiavo Ordered To Die

So the culture of death in this country has managed to go beyond even the boundaries of the Gronigen Protocol and order the death by starvation of Terry Schiavo. Though her family has begged and pleaded for her life, this innocent woman has been sentenced to die a death that would be considered cruel and unusual if inflicted on a serial rapist or murderer.

Why are so many Democrats eager to see Terry Schiavo die? Because they relate this case directly to what they consider to be the supreme right of all human beings, the abortion of children up to the moment of birth. If the value of human life were upheld in this case, it would be harder for them to convince Americans that an unborn child has no worth.

Lest anyone on theright be fooled, the Democrats and the liberals see this as they see every matter, through a political lens. They will consider Terry Schiavo's slow, cruel death as political victory.

This is a sad day for America. This is the day when America took the moral debasement that allows the killing of unwanted babies to the next level. May God have mercy on this country.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

Bush the Radical

John Podhoretz has a good article on the radicalism of President Bush. Radical in that he is will to break the stagnation in this country's and with the appointment of Paul Wolfowitz to the President of the World Bank, the worlds foreign policy establishment. President Bush is a very radical President. He refuses to accept the status quo, preferring a dangerous road toward progress to the safe road of stability without progress.

In domestic affairs he is as radical as he is in foreign policy. The President seeks to eliminate modern liberalism as we know it, to end the nanny state through the (slow) development of an ownership society. Privatization of Social Security would be the first small step toward eventually reducing that program to bare bones. Slashes in Medicare the first step toward a more private medical industry. Faith Based programs as the first step in the reduction in government give away programs. He is actively attempting to reverse the decades old trend of ever an expanding government nanny state by proving to people that they are better off controlling their finances and their life than the government. Once people realize that they can make more money, have better health care and be more secure with less government, it will be very hard for the government to take that freedom and control away in the future.

This is why Conservatives who scream that Bush is a big government Republican are missing the point. Yes, he expanded prescription drug benefits to seniors, but if he had not passed a Republican version of the bill, in the next few years Hillarycare would gain momentum. You may not like the Medicare bill, but you have to admit that while he has passed the package he is working on eliminating the root causes of high health care costs and high prescription drug costs.

This is also why he is so hated by liberals. He is seeking to shake up their domestic establishment in the way he has shaken the establishment in the foreign policy world. They believe the government should control our lives, and he is single handedly setting their utopian ideas back decades.

He is in many respects the most radical President we have had in many, many decades.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Another Leftist Myth Exposed As Lie

Castro continues to be the darling of the Left in America. Actors swoon and leftists cheer the dictator because they say, he has withstood decades of American threats and he leads his country peacefully. One aspect of Cuban life that leftists love to point to in the Communist dictatorship is the state run health care system, which they say, is the envy of the world. They tout Castro's free medical care for his people as the a model to which America should aspire. Well, as with any dictatorship, the propaganda never matches the reality. Pictures from inside a Cuban hospital have been released on the internet and I think it is safe to say that no Communist loving lefty in America would want to be treated in the rooms in the pictures. Captain Ed has posted many of the pictures. They are stomach churning to say the least. Keep them in mind the next time one of less than well educated friends, or a Hollywood actor tries to sell you on Cuba's medical system. See the pictures here.

By the way, has the American Left, which is now in control of the Democratic Party, ever been right on any large societal issue?

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tyrants of the Middle East: The Bell Tolls for Thee

I think it is safe to say at this point that the tide is beginning to turn in the Middle East. The one million strong anti-Syrian/Pro-Democracy rally yesterday in Beirut was unprecedented in the history of the modern Middle East. The numbers were overwhelming and the message will be heard by the Assad government, the mullahs of Iran, the dictator in North Korea and by every other tyrant in the world. The message sent by the brave Iraqis on January 30th was that individuals have the power to overcome their dictators, defy terrorists and control their destiny. Is there still a long way to go? Absolutely, but the elections in Iraq and the protests in Syria will mark the beginning of the end of tyranny in the Middle East.

The Lebanese people are on the verge of overthrowing their occupiers. If that can happen, the dominos will begin to fall more rapidly. Young Iranians yearning for freedom may then have the confidence to rise up against the mullahs, paving the way youth driven reform through that country as well. Claudia Rosett, the reporter who uncovered the UN oil for food scandal, is in Beirut covering the protests for the New York Sun. She was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt yesterday. She states in the interview that the protestors want President Bush to keep speaking out for freedom and against Syrian occupation of their country. They understand that the President’s repeated call for Democratic reform in the Middle East are play a significant role in the progress being made in their country. The reformers in the Middle East know what many Americans do not. That if President Bush had not been steadfast in his determination to uproot Saddam Hussein, if he had given in to the UN, the anti war forces around the world or to our good friends in France and Germany, that the progress that has been made would never have been made. Voices around the world, once skeptical of the President’s policies are now beginning to see that President Bush may be their best hope for freedom. They are beginning to understand that it is he, not the anti-war protestors, not the UN, not the French, but President Bush and the coalition of the willing who has their best interest in mind, and they are willing to give him the credit that is due.

Though the millions yearning for freedom around the world understand the importance of the Presidents actions in Iraq, millions in this country and in Europe do not. To this point, those who hate the President have accused him of being an Imperialist warmonger. If the movement we have seen in Iraq and Lebanon continues, the vitriolic hatred spewed at the President will make it extremely difficult for his critics to rewrite history as they did with Ronald Reagan. However, if the President does not aid the revolution in Syria, and the momentum towards freedom dissipates, he runs the risk of being labeled, believe it or not, the President who did too little to help reformers in the Middle East. For more background read here, here and here.

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Surprise!! Election Coverage Three Times Harder on President Bush

This was obvious to anyone watching. At least to those not blinded by hate of the President. Though it was obvious, the numbers are pretty staggering. It is a miracle that the man was able to overcome the press and win re-election.

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Enormous Demonstrations In Beirut

Enormous anti-Syria demonstrations in Lebanon. The pictures must be seen to be believed.

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Israel To Strike Iran's Nuclear Facilities?

I have said before that it is a matter of when, not if. If the United nations is, as the Times of London article suggests, the only hope to avoid a strike, then fire up the jet engines, because it is going to happen. The United Nations is an inept organization that has no moral authority. It also has no power to intimidate. After 12 years an 17 resolutions that amounted to nothing, the regime in Iran has surely learned to pay no attention to the United Nations. After all, Saddam not only ignored the resolutions, he used corrupt UN officials to line his pockets and reconstitute his weapons programs. Iran needs only time to complete a nuclear weapon, and they know that the UN will do nothing if not buy them time.

Iran has already rejected i the incentive package offered to them by the US and European countries. The process of referall to the UN Security Council for sanctions could take monthS, MONTHS ISRAEL KNOWS IT DOES NOT HAVE.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Anti Terror Package Passes in London

British parliment has renewed a sweeping anti-terror package sought by Tony Blair that will give the British government sweeping powers to fight terror. The bill is gives the British government much more power than the Patriot Act gave the US government, allowing them to detain anyone suspect of terror ties without trial.

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Fred Kaplan: Seeing the World The Way He Wants

...and hoping you know too little to disagree. Kaplan claims that the Presdient has flip-flopped on Iran because he has announced that the United States will join France, Germany and England at the negotiating table with Iran. Flip-flopped? Apparently the label that was pinned on his man Kerry during the election still burns Fred Kaplan, as he is still looking to label the President as the true flip flopper. This is what Kaplan offers as proof that the President has flip-flopped:

Don't look now, but it seems that George W. Bush is committing diplomacy. The New York Times reports today that Bush has agreed to join France, Britain, and Germany in their nuclear-arms talks with Iran. This marks a major reversal for Bush, who until now has refused to negotiate with any Iranian officials, arguing that to do so would reward them for bad behavior.

A flip-flop? Really? Hardly seems fair to call what the Presdient has vbeen saying since well before the election a flip-flop. It seems that to this point the anti-Iraq war crew has yet to grasp the strategy for Iran. The President was very smart for having the European countries lead the negotiating charge against Iran. Now when it is time for the metal to meet the flesh, the European countries who opposed the Iraq War will have no way a wiggling out of their duties in Iran. After all they will have been the primary players in the lead up to any confrontation with Iran. They will either have to play ball or be exposed as the spineless hypocrites they are. The President knows that the negotiations with Iran will fail. They have in fact rejected the incentives offered in negotiations already. The fact the the United States has officially gotten on board with negotiations more likely signals the end of that stage of the game, not the beginning. France and Germany and even England will have to be pushed into the next stage, and the President wants to make sure he has positioned himself in a way that will allow the US to do the shoving at a time of our choice.

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Trouble For Churchill

It seems that each new day brings more facts about Ward Churchill to light. He is now accused of plagiarism, as well as threratening the professor he plagiarized. Of course CU is planning on buying him out instead of just firing him. It seems that once a professor reaches tenure he is untouchable, no matter his actions. For kicks let's have a very quick review of what we know about Mr. Churchill:

1) He called the Victims of September 11 "Little Eichmans" in an essay written the day after the attacks
2) He has lived his academic life a fraud, claiming to be a member of various Indian tribes, a claim that would have allowed him to get his current University post
3) He has now been accused (with a report that seems to prove his guilt) of plagiarism
4) The professor he apparently plagiarized also states that the honoable Mr. Churchill threatened her

A creep is a creep, and the longer Mr. Churchill is in the news, the more skeletons from his past will be exposed. Let us suppose for a moment that Churchill had been a conservative who stated on September 12th, 2001 that all Arabs were "Little Hitlers" who contribute nothing to the wprld but death and despair, and that they deserved to die at American hands. Would he have had a job come spring semester?

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Syria: In or Out?

Of Lebabnon, that is. At this point, Syria has declared they will leave Lebanon, but it is far from certain. Assad's government is fighting for it's own survival, and the retreat from Lebanon would be the final nail in it's coffin. Tech Central Station has a very good article on goings on in Lebanon, and Wretchard at The Belmont Club continues to be weeks ahead of the main stream press in his analysis.

On the other side of the coin, the boys at Slate are bound and determined to convince the world that nothing has changed in the Middle East. If they gave a fair analysis of events, they would be forced to dace the question that so many on the left have had to face since the lections in Iraq: Was President Bush right all along? That would be entirely too painful for them, so they would rather in fact, root for the status quo to hold, at least until a Democrat can be elected to office.

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Muslims Issue Fatwa Against Bin Laden

This is certainly a change. Muslims in Spain have issued a Fatwa AGAINST Bin Laden. Let's hope this becomes a trend.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Will Vietnam Be the Next Iraq?

fantastic question posed by Claudia Rosett in today's OpinionJournal. Claudia Rosett is a fantastic journalist. She almost sigle handedly uncovered the huge UN Oil for Food scandal, and she is on the front edge of geopolitical events again with her article today. She discusses the fact that the winds of change that are blowing through the Middle East (thanks to the American President) are also beginning to blow through Vietnam. Read this article in it's entirety and pose the challenge to your friends who opposed the invasion of Iraq: Will Vietnam be the next Iraq?

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Slow Posting

Sorry for the slow posting the paswt week. As the news around the world heated up, my internet connection decided not to work anymore. Hmm. That is very bad news for a blogger. I should be (hopefully) back up and running on a full time basis soon.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

January 30th Was the First Domino

Not only are the other domino's falling, the President's fiercest critics around the world are beginning to admit that it was the election in Iraq, the election that would not have happened had they gotten their way, that has led to the earth shattering changes we have seen in the Middle East. There are some who continue to ignore reality, but to many the link between the Iraq elections and the changes in the Middle East is clear.

We are living in historic times.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Arabs' Berlin Wall Has Crumbled

To say the least, the events in the Middle East since the elections in Iraq on January 30th are incredible and fast moving. It seems that the Berlin Wall of the Middle East is indeed crumbling, if it hasn't already crumbled. In case you have been in a cave the past two weeks, Michael Barone had a nice summary of the events of the past two weeks yesterday. Read it here.

Today, Mark Steyn continues the analysis (with a nod to a blog, Little Green Footballs) in the London Telegraph.

As events in the Middle East continue to unfold and the future of the world begins to change, it seems that many Americans have no idea the impact of the events half a world away. The changes we are seeing in the Middle East are the precisely the changes that have to happen if we are to "defeat" the forces behind September 11th. Those who opposed the invasion of Iraq must now face the fact that they were wrong and that the events that have happened would never have happened had the President listened to their council. For many who opposed the war, this reaslity will never set in. They have yet to come to grips with the fact that they were wrong about Vietnam, Reagan's opposition to the Soviet Union, Reagan's spread of Liberty in Latin America, and the First Gulf War. Many who have spent their life on the wrong side of history will continue to rationalize their positions by declaring that the United States is the source of all evil. That's fine, while they wallow in their self absorbed misery, leaders like President George W. Bush will continue to transform their world for the better, and those who support their policies will not that they too have helped advance the march of freedom.
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