Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Another Leftist Myth Exposed As Lie

Castro continues to be the darling of the Left in America. Actors swoon and leftists cheer the dictator because they say, he has withstood decades of American threats and he leads his country peacefully. One aspect of Cuban life that leftists love to point to in the Communist dictatorship is the state run health care system, which they say, is the envy of the world. They tout Castro's free medical care for his people as the a model to which America should aspire. Well, as with any dictatorship, the propaganda never matches the reality. Pictures from inside a Cuban hospital have been released on the internet and I think it is safe to say that no Communist loving lefty in America would want to be treated in the rooms in the pictures. Captain Ed has posted many of the pictures. They are stomach churning to say the least. Keep them in mind the next time one of less than well educated friends, or a Hollywood actor tries to sell you on Cuba's medical system. See the pictures here.

By the way, has the American Left, which is now in control of the Democratic Party, ever been right on any large societal issue?

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