Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Arabs' Berlin Wall Has Crumbled

To say the least, the events in the Middle East since the elections in Iraq on January 30th are incredible and fast moving. It seems that the Berlin Wall of the Middle East is indeed crumbling, if it hasn't already crumbled. In case you have been in a cave the past two weeks, Michael Barone had a nice summary of the events of the past two weeks yesterday. Read it here.

Today, Mark Steyn continues the analysis (with a nod to a blog, Little Green Footballs) in the London Telegraph.

As events in the Middle East continue to unfold and the future of the world begins to change, it seems that many Americans have no idea the impact of the events half a world away. The changes we are seeing in the Middle East are the precisely the changes that have to happen if we are to "defeat" the forces behind September 11th. Those who opposed the invasion of Iraq must now face the fact that they were wrong and that the events that have happened would never have happened had the President listened to their council. For many who opposed the war, this reaslity will never set in. They have yet to come to grips with the fact that they were wrong about Vietnam, Reagan's opposition to the Soviet Union, Reagan's spread of Liberty in Latin America, and the First Gulf War. Many who have spent their life on the wrong side of history will continue to rationalize their positions by declaring that the United States is the source of all evil. That's fine, while they wallow in their self absorbed misery, leaders like President George W. Bush will continue to transform their world for the better, and those who support their policies will not that they too have helped advance the march of freedom.
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