Friday, March 18, 2005

Bush the Radical

John Podhoretz has a good article on the radicalism of President Bush. Radical in that he is will to break the stagnation in this country's and with the appointment of Paul Wolfowitz to the President of the World Bank, the worlds foreign policy establishment. President Bush is a very radical President. He refuses to accept the status quo, preferring a dangerous road toward progress to the safe road of stability without progress.

In domestic affairs he is as radical as he is in foreign policy. The President seeks to eliminate modern liberalism as we know it, to end the nanny state through the (slow) development of an ownership society. Privatization of Social Security would be the first small step toward eventually reducing that program to bare bones. Slashes in Medicare the first step toward a more private medical industry. Faith Based programs as the first step in the reduction in government give away programs. He is actively attempting to reverse the decades old trend of ever an expanding government nanny state by proving to people that they are better off controlling their finances and their life than the government. Once people realize that they can make more money, have better health care and be more secure with less government, it will be very hard for the government to take that freedom and control away in the future.

This is why Conservatives who scream that Bush is a big government Republican are missing the point. Yes, he expanded prescription drug benefits to seniors, but if he had not passed a Republican version of the bill, in the next few years Hillarycare would gain momentum. You may not like the Medicare bill, but you have to admit that while he has passed the package he is working on eliminating the root causes of high health care costs and high prescription drug costs.

This is also why he is so hated by liberals. He is seeking to shake up their domestic establishment in the way he has shaken the establishment in the foreign policy world. They believe the government should control our lives, and he is single handedly setting their utopian ideas back decades.

He is in many respects the most radical President we have had in many, many decades.

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