Saturday, March 12, 2005

Fred Kaplan: Seeing the World The Way He Wants

...and hoping you know too little to disagree. Kaplan claims that the Presdient has flip-flopped on Iran because he has announced that the United States will join France, Germany and England at the negotiating table with Iran. Flip-flopped? Apparently the label that was pinned on his man Kerry during the election still burns Fred Kaplan, as he is still looking to label the President as the true flip flopper. This is what Kaplan offers as proof that the President has flip-flopped:

Don't look now, but it seems that George W. Bush is committing diplomacy. The New York Times reports today that Bush has agreed to join France, Britain, and Germany in their nuclear-arms talks with Iran. This marks a major reversal for Bush, who until now has refused to negotiate with any Iranian officials, arguing that to do so would reward them for bad behavior.

A flip-flop? Really? Hardly seems fair to call what the Presdient has vbeen saying since well before the election a flip-flop. It seems that to this point the anti-Iraq war crew has yet to grasp the strategy for Iran. The President was very smart for having the European countries lead the negotiating charge against Iran. Now when it is time for the metal to meet the flesh, the European countries who opposed the Iraq War will have no way a wiggling out of their duties in Iran. After all they will have been the primary players in the lead up to any confrontation with Iran. They will either have to play ball or be exposed as the spineless hypocrites they are. The President knows that the negotiations with Iran will fail. They have in fact rejected the incentives offered in negotiations already. The fact the the United States has officially gotten on board with negotiations more likely signals the end of that stage of the game, not the beginning. France and Germany and even England will have to be pushed into the next stage, and the President wants to make sure he has positioned himself in a way that will allow the US to do the shoving at a time of our choice.

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