Sunday, March 13, 2005

Israel To Strike Iran's Nuclear Facilities?

I have said before that it is a matter of when, not if. If the United nations is, as the Times of London article suggests, the only hope to avoid a strike, then fire up the jet engines, because it is going to happen. The United Nations is an inept organization that has no moral authority. It also has no power to intimidate. After 12 years an 17 resolutions that amounted to nothing, the regime in Iran has surely learned to pay no attention to the United Nations. After all, Saddam not only ignored the resolutions, he used corrupt UN officials to line his pockets and reconstitute his weapons programs. Iran needs only time to complete a nuclear weapon, and they know that the UN will do nothing if not buy them time.

Iran has already rejected i the incentive package offered to them by the US and European countries. The process of referall to the UN Security Council for sanctions could take monthS, MONTHS ISRAEL KNOWS IT DOES NOT HAVE.

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