Saturday, March 12, 2005

Trouble For Churchill

It seems that each new day brings more facts about Ward Churchill to light. He is now accused of plagiarism, as well as threratening the professor he plagiarized. Of course CU is planning on buying him out instead of just firing him. It seems that once a professor reaches tenure he is untouchable, no matter his actions. For kicks let's have a very quick review of what we know about Mr. Churchill:

1) He called the Victims of September 11 "Little Eichmans" in an essay written the day after the attacks
2) He has lived his academic life a fraud, claiming to be a member of various Indian tribes, a claim that would have allowed him to get his current University post
3) He has now been accused (with a report that seems to prove his guilt) of plagiarism
4) The professor he apparently plagiarized also states that the honoable Mr. Churchill threatened her

A creep is a creep, and the longer Mr. Churchill is in the news, the more skeletons from his past will be exposed. Let us suppose for a moment that Churchill had been a conservative who stated on September 12th, 2001 that all Arabs were "Little Hitlers" who contribute nothing to the wprld but death and despair, and that they deserved to die at American hands. Would he have had a job come spring semester?

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