Thursday, April 28, 2005

US Okays Israeli Bunker Busters

This is good news, and I hope it means that “negotiations” with Iran are coming to an end.

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US Okays Israeli Bunker Busters

This is good news, and I hope it means that “negotiations” with Iran are coming to an end.

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Prager Agrees: McCain Must Go

Dennis Prager has just stated on his show what I stated several days ago in this post; it is time for John McCain to go. He bases his opinion on McCain’s support for the disastrous campaign finance reform bill as well as his opposition to ending the Democrats filibuster of Appellate Court nominees.

It is not that he is not “Conservative enough” but that he has demonstrated profound moral confusion on major issues. Time for the Arizona Republican Party to introduce a strong candidate.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bolton Accuser Admits Dishonesty

LGF has the best coverage of this, but the jest of the story is that the person on whom the Dems are hanging their opposition to John Bolton has, to say the least, a credibility problem.

I am sure you are shocked
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Friday, April 22, 2005

It's Always 1974

Yes, yes, yes... Fianlly someone has articulated it.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

More Clinton Corruption

It is incredible. The depths of corruption in the Clinton organization is bottomless. The New York Sun is all over a story that the large mainstream media outlets seem to be ignoring for some reason. Gee, I wonder why?

A Democratic fund-raiser involved in Senator Clinton's 2000 campaign has offered a guilty plea to bank fraud charges and is likely to become a government witness at the upcoming federal trial of a top finance aide to Mrs. Clinton, David Rosen, court records obtained by The New York Sun show.

As part of an FBI investigation into alleged campaign finance reporting violations by Mrs. Clinton's campaign, the mystery witness secretly taped a conversation with Mr. Rosen in September 2002 and apparently tried to elicit statements from the former Clinton staffer about financial irregularities involving an August 2000 Hollywood fund-raising event.

Allegedly inaccurate reports about that event filed with the Federal Election Commission led to Mr. Rosen's indictment on four counts of causing false statements to be made to federal authorities. One count was dropped by a judge last month, but Mr. Rosen is scheduled to go to trial on the remaining charges at Los Angeles on May 3.

In the documents reviewed by the Sun, the name of the FBI informant is not disclosed. However, the records offer intriguing clues that suggest the mystery witness operated at the highest echelon of Democratic politics.

"The CW [confidential witness] is related to an extremely prominent and well-known political figure. It can be expected that the fact that CW was working in an undercover capacity for the FBI will become the subject of intense media attention," prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg wrote in a November 2004 memo asking a federal magistrate to keep the relationship under wraps.

An affidavit filed by a Los Angeles-based FBI agent, David Smith, said the informant began working with the FBI in July 2002."The CW states that s/he is active in fundraising for the Democratic Party. CW assisted in the U.S. Senate campaign of Hillary Clinton. S/he was involved in the planning of the Clinton Gala," Mr. Smith wrote in January 2003. "The CW is the target of an FBI investigation on unrelated bank fraud charges. S/he has since signed a plea agreement, and has agreed to cooperate in this case."

Needless to say, if this case involved President Bush or a Republican Senator, the media would be howling and Democratic lawmakers would be calling for impeachment, censure etc... Since however it involves the ever corrupt great white hope of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, the media and the Democrats are silent. The Sun is leading this story because other media wants it to go away.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Andrew Sullivan: Karl Rove/Republicans Behind Selection of new Pope

This is incredible. Andrew Sullivan has just claimed on the Michael Medved Show that Karl Rove and the Republicans were behind the selection of the new Pope. Sullivan hates the new Pope because Pope Benedict XVI will not allow gay priests, gay marriage etc... Everything that Andrew Sullivan says is colored by the fact that he is gay.

This is incredible. Karl Rove is, according to the left, the most powerful man in the universe. I hope that his statements are broadcast far and wide for people to hear. The fact of the matter is Andrew Sullivan is a crackpot who is able to turn a phrase. Sorry to all those who have some respect for the man, but anyone who will claim that Republicans and Karl Rove are behind the selection of a Pope has lost his moorings.

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Fonda Spit On By Vet

I am sorry, but this is funny...

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What Really Happened in Oklahoma City?

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but there seems to be a lot of unanswered questions regarding the Oklahoma City bombing. In reading this article on Fox News, these paragraphs stood out:

Some argue the FBI should have looked harder at phone records they used to track McVeigh and Nichols. The records might hold ignored or missed clues that call for a wider investigation, especially the number of calls McVeigh made to the Philippines.

“It's amazing to me that not more has been made of those phone records,” Johnston said.

Repeated calls were made from Terry Nichols' home to a place called Star Glad Lumber in the Philippines.

“Star Glad Lumber is operated by a man whose brother and cousin were both notorious terrorists, splinter groups of the Abu Sayyaf terror group in the Philippines,” according to Johnston, the attorney.

Nichols also repeatedly called a boarding house in Cebu City, an establishment that has been linked to 1993 World Trade Center bombing mastermind Ramzi Yousef (search). The same kind of ANFO fertilizer fuel bomb was used in New York and in Oklahoma City.

Huh? McVeigh and Nichols both made calls to overseas numbers known to be connected with well known Islamic terrorists before they blew up a US Federal building? This is the only act of terror on US soil in the past few years NOT attributed to Islamic radicals?

If it weren't for the pathetic foreign policy record of the Clinton Administration I would brush all notion of a conspiracy aside. But given Clinton's obsession with his own legacy, particularly in regards to Middle East peace, I do not think it out of the realm of possibility that Mr. and Mrs. Clinton decided to, for the sake of their own lagacy and theur future political aspirations, pass the problem of Islamis terror to the next administration. Considering the repeated attacks we suffered without retaliation, it seems clear that the Clintons were either unwilling or unable to deal with the threat closing in on our shores.

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More Scandal At The United Nations

Incredible, yet if you are a Democrat you believe that our Ambassador to this corrupt collection of dictators and bureaucrats should cowtow to it's every whim, and that the national security of the United States should rest in it's hands. More fantastic work by Claudia Rosett:

Since the U.N.'s self-described dawn of integrity three years ago (one of several such sunrises since Mr. Annan became secretary-general in 1997), we have seen the sex-for-food scandal in the Congo, featuring the rape of minors by U.N. peacekeepers, which continued well after press disclosures last year prompted a U.N. internal investigation. We have seen theft at the World Meteorological Association, scandal in the U.N. audit department, the resignation over sexual harassment charges of the refugee high commissioner Ruud Lubbers, turmoil within the Electoral Assistance Division, and allegations of corruption involving the U.N.'s Geneva-based World Intellectual Property Organization. We have seen rebellion by the U.N. Staff Union against "senior management, and a raft of resignations by senior U.N. officials who nonetheless linger on the premises on official salaries of a dollar a year, plus the various perquisites and connections the place affords.

Biggest of all, we have seen the former Oil for Food relief program for Iraq blow like Krakatoa. The program's executive director, Benon Sevan, has been accused by the U.N.-authorized inquiry, led by Paul Volcker, of engaging in a severe conflict of interest. Among other items, Mr. Sevan was found to have been receiving large mysterious payments from his pensioner aunt in Cyprus. The U.N. Secretariat sent out secret hush letters to major U.N. Oil for Food contractors, Saybolt and Cotecna, hired by the U.N. to inspect Saddam's oil and food deals. Congressional investigators and Mr. Volcker's team have since discovered that not only was there far too little inspecting required by the U.N., but that the awarding of U.N. contracts to both parties was done in violation of the U.N.'s own procedures.

We have learned step by step--via details unearthed by the press, not conflict-of-interest disclosures by the U.N.-- that the secretary-general's own son, Kojo Annan, received payments during the course of the program from one of the Oil for Food contractors on the receiving end of last year's U.N. hush letters, Switzerland-based Cotecna Inspections SA. Last month the Volcker inquiry, in an interim report, said these payments routed through various conduits might have totaled more than $480,000.

We have seen signs that Saddam, via Oil for Food, corrupted officials and businessmen worldwide--though apart from legal investigations in the U.S., this aspect of the scandal in countries such as Security Council member states Russia, France and China, not to mention such crossroads of Saddam's commerce as Switzerland and Syria, has barely been scratched.

Now we have the charges by U.S. prosecutors that Koreagate's Tongsun Park shuttled millions in bribe money from Saddam Hussein to two high-ranking U.N. officials, referred to in the complaint as "U.N. Official #1" and "U.N. Official #2." Outside the U.N., the hunt is on to discover the identities of this duo.

Simply incredible.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New Pope Elected...

Not yet announced...

Joseph Ratzinger

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The Bolton Vote

Frank Gaffney has a column in today's Washington Times in which he lays out a strong case for the confirmation John Bolton as UN Ambassador:

John Bolton is eminently qualified. He has worked for years — including in the first Bush administration and through the current presidency, as well as the years between — on matters directly relevant to his future assignment. Even his critics acknowledge Mr. Bolton is deeply knowledgeable about the organization and reform of the U.N., coalition-building diplomacy and some of the most pressing problems confronting this country and the U.N. — notably, state-sponsorship of terror and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

If Mr. Bolton is confirmed it may be the best thing to happen to the United State's relationship to the UN in decades.

The New York Times is reporting that Slow Jow Biden will ask that the vote on Bolton's confirmation be delayed. Is there anything that the Democrat's aren;t willing to obstruct. Has anyone considered the possibility that besides being over qualified for the job as ambassador, Mr. Bolton was the most likely nominee to be obstructed and opposed by the Dems, thus allowing Rove and company to paint the Dems as complete obstructionists, not just of judicial nominees but of everything this administration is trying to do? Of course the power hungry Dems have been more than willing to oblige the administration in the pointless obstruction.

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Not A Dime More

Will we have to support Republican candidates in the next election? With the exception of John McCain we will. But I am tired of spinleless Republicans letting the radical left roll them on the floor of the Senate floor. Hugh Hewitt has posted that many of his listeners are contributing 9 cents to the NRSC to send the point that if they do not break the filibuster they will get not a dime more of support. It is a great, inexpensive way to send a powerful point, and I encourage everyone to do it.

Contribute here and then send you Senator an email explaining your contribution.

We must make the point and then regalvanize the party because the only person who gains in this is Hillary Clinton.

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Above It All "Independents" Waiting To Be Served

It seems to me that many people who call themselves "independent" do so in the attempt to portray themselves as above the partisan political frey. They hand down judgements on day to day political fights as if they are the great all knowing intellectuals watching the children bicker. Glenn Reynolds is the king of this type of patronizing, condescending rhetoric. In this post, Reynolds links to another "independent" who states that comments by Senator Frist on the floor of the Senate will "drive he and other independents into the arms of the Democrats". First if one comment by a Republican Senator will "drive you into the arms of the Democrats" you are not as independent as you would like people to think you are. Second the political parties do not operate to please you. Yes each party wants to have a "big umbrella", but we have a two party system. If you do not like one platform plank of a particular party you work from within that party for change, as a member. If you are unwilling or unable to commit, then you will watch from the outside as the mojority forwards their agenda.

Being unable or unwilling to commit to a party and work for change is not a virtue.

Moral of the story: Get over yourselves.

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Chirac: Defeat of EU WIll Benefit America

After Gerhard Schroeder's anti-Bush themed campaign for re-election it has become obvious that when a European politician is in trouble, playing the anti-American card is the strategy of choice, and Jacques Iraq is a master at using it to his advantage.

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McCain To Vote With Democrats

John McCain has said that he will vote against ending the filibuster of judges, that he will in fact vote with the Democrats. I have stated time and again that McCain is not a politician to be trusted by the Republican Party, and this is a perfect example of why. The fact of the matter is that the Democrats know that the only battleground they have left on which to make in roads with what amounts to a socialist agenda is the judiciary branch. They cannot get there agenda passed by the consent of the people, therefore they rely on judges to impose their will on the American people.

John McCain is a man addicted to media attention. He seeks to do anything he can to bring more favorable press coverage of himself. He knows the press will lavish praise on him when he votes against the Republicans, and there is nothing he could do to make the press happier than to take an action that would allow the Democrats to fill the judiciary with liberal judges, as the media is pushing the same agenda as the judges.

For any Republican who believed that John McCain would be a strong horse in the next Republican primary, think again. Even if a miracle agreement is reached between the two parties and the constitutional option is not needed, McCain's admitted intent to vote with the Democrats is enough to keep the Republican base from supporting him.

Overall this is very bad for the Republican Party, which has a tendency to split over ideological reasons anyway. For an example look at the recall election in California, where a significant number of Republicans were willing to risk the election of a Democrat to support a Republican candidate whom they felt was the true conservative, although he had no chance of winning.

If McCain manages to split the base over this issue, he will give the Democrats, and presumably Hillary, an opening in the next election.

There are times to take a stand, and there are times to follow the lead of the party for the good of the country and the party, Senator McCain makes the wrong choice too often. I think it is time for a Republican challenger in Arizona to show Mr. McCain the door, and I will be willing to donate to the cause.

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Feds Round Up Over 10,000 Fugitives

Not a bad start for Mr. Gonzales. This is really an incredible story that deserves more attention.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Prager Interviews Arrogant, Oblivious Clinton Administration Official

I usually very much enjoy the Dennis Prager show. Dennis is a reasonable, well spoken host who covers a very wide range of topics. Today however, he hosted a guest who angered me more than any guest I have ever had the misfortune to hear. The guest was ex-UN Ambassador Nancy Soderburg. She has just written a book (I will not link to it)and was presumably on the show to hock for it. After repeating the litaany of pre-elecetion Democratic talking points re: Iraq (it was as if she had been locked in a closet since last September), she began to talk about the Bush Administration's failure with North Korea. She stated (I will paraphrase) that the Bush Administration has failed because it refuses to participate in one on one talks and negotiate. She stated that the North Koreans are the most "annoying" negotiating partners because they always cheat. She stated that it was no surprise that they cheated on the 1994 agreement and that the Clintaon Administration was aware of their cheating.

Apparently the coarse of action she and the previous administration believe the Bush Administration should negotiate with a country they know will cheat, grant them concessions knowing they cheat and then pretend, as the Clinton Administration did, that all is well while hoping the regime collapses.

If the American people would like another eight years of ultimate deferance to multi-lateralism, then they should elect Billary again in 2008.

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The Tolerant, Intellectual Left

Most on the left believe they are intellectually superior to Conservatives. They believe they are more cultured, more tolerant, more enlightened. They cling to Europe as a model because they believe that European values are far superior to the American values that are embodied by conservatives in this country.

This is, I think, is a perfect example of the modern left's culture and tolerance.

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President Bush Shown Photos Of Iranian Nuclear Facilities

I have stated before that it is a matter of when, not if Israel will strike Iranian nuclear facilities. Ariel Shron's visit to the United States and his apparent show and tell of Iranian facilites with President Bush may be the precursor to an attack. The fact is Israel cannot allow Iran to become a nuclear power, for if it does Israel faces the prospect of a sudden nuclear attack. If this story is accurate, Sharon may be readying his staunchest ally for what is to come, and for what would in almost any scenario lead to US involvement.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Kerry Blow's CIA Officer's Cover

Call the special prosecutor, John Kerry has blown the cover of a CIA Officer. Where is the outrage on the left?

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Friday, April 08, 2005

James Lileks: A Closet Model Railroader??

This is the text of an email I sent to Lileks today. I believe I have discovered a new side of him:


I am a fan of your website, your columns, books and even your segement on Hugh's show. I have spent many hours sifting through your website and one of my favorite sections is "Ghost Signs". I am also a model railroader (I am only 29, so needless to say I occupy a very small demographic in the model railroading world). I was flipping through some detail sheets in my favorite hobby store the other day when I came across a sheet of paper signs for purchase. The signs were faded brick signs to be used in detailing structures on the layout. Essentially you would cut the signs out, glue them to the side of your model structure and, Voila!, you have an instantly weathered sign for your structure. As I looked at the sheet of signs for sale, I realized that I had seen several of the images before. It took me a minute, but I soon realized that several of the images were exact duplicates of images on your website. I found images of these sheets on line and have included links to the images on your site followed by links to the sheets of images for sale. For example:

Link to your site:
Your sign

Image of sheet of signs for sale (look at top right corner of sheet):
sign for sale

Your site:

Image of signs for sale:
sign for sale

Your site:

Sign for sale:
for sale

Your site:

Signs for sale:
for sale

If you would like to browse through all 18 sheets of signs for sale to find other matching images go here
and scroll through the AIM Products links.

Now how is this possible? The images aren't similar, they are exact. If it is assumed that many copies of the same sign were painted what are the chances that the signs would have weathered exactly the same way? Zero.

There are only four possible explanations:

1) AIM products ripped the images off your site.
2) You ripped the images off the AIM site
3) You and the AIM products rep phtographed the same signs in the same towns at approximately the same time
4) You are a closet model railroader and are the evil genius behind AIM Products.

I am leaning towards #4. Don't be ashamed James. Be proud of your hobby. At most railroad conventions I am the only person who doesn't get a senior citizen discount on my ticket, yet I am not embarrassed. Model railroaders are a proud, pro-American, patriotic group. They are also not politically correct, look at the figures for sale for example:

figures 1
figures 2
figures 3
figures 4
figures 5

Nude sunbathers

Most interestingly, look at how Preiser (a German company) represents Americans with it's figurines:

a redneck, an Hasidic Jew, a hobo, an overweight black lady and a protestor. I believe that is a pretty interesting commentary on how the Germans view Americans.

I plan on posting this email and outing you as a closet model railroader on my blog.

Mostly political, but I do post images of some of my structures there occasionally as well.

Anyway, thought you might find this all entertaining. I plan on nominating you for the next NMRA ambassador, I think you will make a good one.

Marlin Huston

Lileks - More than Just Hummels

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John Paul II Is Laid To Rest

Simply incredible...

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Socialist Canadian Dream Begins to Crumble

... as we knew it would. For those of you who do not know, it turns out that Canada's Liberal government is as crooked as, well, the UN... Captain Ed has been all over the story.

Next up, the EU.

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The Schiavo Talking Points Memo: Was it Fake?

Of course it was fake. The only reason the poorly drafted memo on no letterhead with no signature had any credibility was that the mainstream media gave it credability hoping to discredit Republicans. If you step back from the situation it is absurd to believe that it isn't fake. No letterhead, no signature, wrong bill number, poorly written and brought to the attention of the press by Democrats. I could have produced the memo. Why would anyone doubt the Democrats would produce a fake memo? Do they not lie, distort and demogogue on a daily basis. This type of forgery should be expected from that party.


Oops. Well when you are wrong you are wrong, and I, along with a lot of other people were wrong. It turns out that the memo was written by a Republican staffer to Mel Martinez, who had denied he was the author all along. He has resigned. Powerline has more.

I still stand by my above comments on the current condition of the Democratic Party.

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Good News From Iraq

This, it seems, would deserve a lot of attention, but then again good news from Iraq is categorically ignored by the mainstream media.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Berger to Plead Guilty

Sandy Berger, former National Security Advisor to Bill Clinton, will plead guilty to taking classified documents from the national archives. There are still documents missing. Why is this important? Because Hillary is gearing up her run for the presidency, and if you would not like four or eight more years of activities like we saw during the Clinton Administration and like that of Sandy Berger, then Republicans must galvanize against her ambitions.

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