Friday, April 15, 2005

Above It All "Independents" Waiting To Be Served

It seems to me that many people who call themselves "independent" do so in the attempt to portray themselves as above the partisan political frey. They hand down judgements on day to day political fights as if they are the great all knowing intellectuals watching the children bicker. Glenn Reynolds is the king of this type of patronizing, condescending rhetoric. In this post, Reynolds links to another "independent" who states that comments by Senator Frist on the floor of the Senate will "drive he and other independents into the arms of the Democrats". First if one comment by a Republican Senator will "drive you into the arms of the Democrats" you are not as independent as you would like people to think you are. Second the political parties do not operate to please you. Yes each party wants to have a "big umbrella", but we have a two party system. If you do not like one platform plank of a particular party you work from within that party for change, as a member. If you are unwilling or unable to commit, then you will watch from the outside as the mojority forwards their agenda.

Being unable or unwilling to commit to a party and work for change is not a virtue.

Moral of the story: Get over yourselves.

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