Friday, April 15, 2005

McCain To Vote With Democrats

John McCain has said that he will vote against ending the filibuster of judges, that he will in fact vote with the Democrats. I have stated time and again that McCain is not a politician to be trusted by the Republican Party, and this is a perfect example of why. The fact of the matter is that the Democrats know that the only battleground they have left on which to make in roads with what amounts to a socialist agenda is the judiciary branch. They cannot get there agenda passed by the consent of the people, therefore they rely on judges to impose their will on the American people.

John McCain is a man addicted to media attention. He seeks to do anything he can to bring more favorable press coverage of himself. He knows the press will lavish praise on him when he votes against the Republicans, and there is nothing he could do to make the press happier than to take an action that would allow the Democrats to fill the judiciary with liberal judges, as the media is pushing the same agenda as the judges.

For any Republican who believed that John McCain would be a strong horse in the next Republican primary, think again. Even if a miracle agreement is reached between the two parties and the constitutional option is not needed, McCain's admitted intent to vote with the Democrats is enough to keep the Republican base from supporting him.

Overall this is very bad for the Republican Party, which has a tendency to split over ideological reasons anyway. For an example look at the recall election in California, where a significant number of Republicans were willing to risk the election of a Democrat to support a Republican candidate whom they felt was the true conservative, although he had no chance of winning.

If McCain manages to split the base over this issue, he will give the Democrats, and presumably Hillary, an opening in the next election.

There are times to take a stand, and there are times to follow the lead of the party for the good of the country and the party, Senator McCain makes the wrong choice too often. I think it is time for a Republican challenger in Arizona to show Mr. McCain the door, and I will be willing to donate to the cause.

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