Thursday, April 21, 2005

More Clinton Corruption

It is incredible. The depths of corruption in the Clinton organization is bottomless. The New York Sun is all over a story that the large mainstream media outlets seem to be ignoring for some reason. Gee, I wonder why?

A Democratic fund-raiser involved in Senator Clinton's 2000 campaign has offered a guilty plea to bank fraud charges and is likely to become a government witness at the upcoming federal trial of a top finance aide to Mrs. Clinton, David Rosen, court records obtained by The New York Sun show.

As part of an FBI investigation into alleged campaign finance reporting violations by Mrs. Clinton's campaign, the mystery witness secretly taped a conversation with Mr. Rosen in September 2002 and apparently tried to elicit statements from the former Clinton staffer about financial irregularities involving an August 2000 Hollywood fund-raising event.

Allegedly inaccurate reports about that event filed with the Federal Election Commission led to Mr. Rosen's indictment on four counts of causing false statements to be made to federal authorities. One count was dropped by a judge last month, but Mr. Rosen is scheduled to go to trial on the remaining charges at Los Angeles on May 3.

In the documents reviewed by the Sun, the name of the FBI informant is not disclosed. However, the records offer intriguing clues that suggest the mystery witness operated at the highest echelon of Democratic politics.

"The CW [confidential witness] is related to an extremely prominent and well-known political figure. It can be expected that the fact that CW was working in an undercover capacity for the FBI will become the subject of intense media attention," prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg wrote in a November 2004 memo asking a federal magistrate to keep the relationship under wraps.

An affidavit filed by a Los Angeles-based FBI agent, David Smith, said the informant began working with the FBI in July 2002."The CW states that s/he is active in fundraising for the Democratic Party. CW assisted in the U.S. Senate campaign of Hillary Clinton. S/he was involved in the planning of the Clinton Gala," Mr. Smith wrote in January 2003. "The CW is the target of an FBI investigation on unrelated bank fraud charges. S/he has since signed a plea agreement, and has agreed to cooperate in this case."

Needless to say, if this case involved President Bush or a Republican Senator, the media would be howling and Democratic lawmakers would be calling for impeachment, censure etc... Since however it involves the ever corrupt great white hope of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, the media and the Democrats are silent. The Sun is leading this story because other media wants it to go away.

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