Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Prager Interviews Arrogant, Oblivious Clinton Administration Official

I usually very much enjoy the Dennis Prager show. Dennis is a reasonable, well spoken host who covers a very wide range of topics. Today however, he hosted a guest who angered me more than any guest I have ever had the misfortune to hear. The guest was ex-UN Ambassador Nancy Soderburg. She has just written a book (I will not link to it)and was presumably on the show to hock for it. After repeating the litaany of pre-elecetion Democratic talking points re: Iraq (it was as if she had been locked in a closet since last September), she began to talk about the Bush Administration's failure with North Korea. She stated (I will paraphrase) that the Bush Administration has failed because it refuses to participate in one on one talks and negotiate. She stated that the North Koreans are the most "annoying" negotiating partners because they always cheat. She stated that it was no surprise that they cheated on the 1994 agreement and that the Clintaon Administration was aware of their cheating.

Apparently the coarse of action she and the previous administration believe the Bush Administration should negotiate with a country they know will cheat, grant them concessions knowing they cheat and then pretend, as the Clinton Administration did, that all is well while hoping the regime collapses.

If the American people would like another eight years of ultimate deferance to multi-lateralism, then they should elect Billary again in 2008.

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