Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Anti-Choice Party

The Democrats often describe themselves as the party of choice, it has been their mantra for decades. They use the “choice” argument in an attempt to convince potential voters that they will free them from the shackles of the right wing fascists that make up the Republican Party. But the fact of the matter is time and time again, Democrats prove themselves to be the party of ever increasing government control, thus limiting the choice of average Americans. Are they pro choice on schools? No, they oppose vouchers which would give many parents the choice to remove their children from failing public schools. Are they pro-choice on guns? No, they in most cases oppose the right to bear arms, thus eliminating the choice to own a weapon. Are they pro-choice on Social Security? No, they oppose private accounts which would give younger workers the choice to open and maintain accounts with a small percentage of the money paid to Social Security. Are they pro-choice on smoking? No, Clinton started the war on tobacco which has now resulted in business being forced to eliminate smoking in their establishments. A private business owner no longer has the choice to allow smoking in a business he has invested his money and time in. Are they pro-choice in hiring practices? No, they have passed laws in state after state dictating who a manager can and can’t employee. If a person owns a business and a male employee decides that he will dress in women’s clothing and wear make-up, an employer cannot fire him, no matter the effect on his business. Are they pro-choice on the definition of marriage? No. State after state has voted down redefining marriage, yet the Democrats have rammed the issue through state courts and federal courts, in many cases overturning the choice of the majority with the opinions of a few.

On issue after issue the Democrats oppose you having any choice in your life. They rail against the Patriot Act because of the specter of government intrusion is private lives, yet they pass law after law, file lawsuit after lawsuit and oppose bill after bill that would take the government out of a person’s life. The only topic on which they are pro-choice is abortion. But the reality is that they are actually pro-abortion, not pro-choice. In Colorado they passed a bill that would effectively force all hospitals to provide abortion information to victims of rape, no matter the beliefs of the hospital. A Catholic hospital, although opposed to abortion, would be forced to give the patient the information on abortion no matter the fact that the founding principles of the hospital oppose abortion. The bill does not, of course, force the hospitals to provide information on other options such as adoption. The Republican Governor vetoed the bill, but it looks as if the veto will be overturned by the newly elected Democratic Senate and Congress. (Both elected by major hyper-donators from around the country that targeted the state). The Democratic State Senate in the state has also passed a smoking ban for every establishment in Denver. The Republicans managed to rewrite the bill to include only restaurants, thus saving decades old bars and Cigar bars from the ban, but the Democrats have now forced them back under the law.

The Democratic Party left unchecked would transform this country into a socialist state where every “choice” in a persons life would be made by the government. They are the anti-choice party.

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